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Bracelets and Watches

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This page showcases an assortment of handmade bracelet designs.  

beaded bracelets

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"Bamboo Pearls" Bracelet"Bamboo Pearls" Bracelet
Blue Bubbles BraceletBlue Bubbles Bracelet
Blueberries BraceletBlueberries Bracelet
Chenille-y Lace BraceletChenille-y Lace Bracelet
Cut Flowers BraceletCut Flowers Bracelet
Emerald Spring Bracelet (from kit)Emerald Spring Bracelet (from kit)
European 4-in-1 Chain Weave BraceletEuropean 4-in-1 Chain Weave Bracelet
Fins BraceletFins Bracelet
Frosted Blues BraceletFrosted Blues Bracelet
Golden Glamour Cuff BraceletGolden Glamour Cuff Bracelet
Golden Pearl BraceletGolden Pearl Bracelet
HT Blues BraceletHT Blues Bracelet
Inside Passage Bracelet (from kit)Inside Passage Bracelet (from kit)
Isabelle Bracelet (from kit)Isabelle Bracelet (from kit)
Just Passing Through Ankle BraceletJust Passing Through Ankle Bracelet
Little Black BraceletLittle Black Bracelet
Ndebele Bracelet (from kit)Ndebele Bracelet (from kit)
Pastel Twist BraceletPastel Twist Bracelet
Pearl Luster Bracelet (from kit)Pearl Luster Bracelet (from kit)
Peyote Picasso Bracelet (from kit)Peyote Picasso Bracelet (from kit)
Peyote Waves BraceletPeyote Waves Bracelet
Roundmail Chain BraceletRoundmail Chain Bracelet
Seaside BraceletSeaside Bracelet
Swarovski BraceletSwarovski Bracelet
Swirly Bubbles BraceletSwirly Bubbles Bracelet
Tubular Herringbone BraceletTubular Herringbone Bracelet
Unicorn of a Different Color BraceletUnicorn of a Different Color Bracelet
Victorian Rosettes Bracelet (from kit)Victorian Rosettes Bracelet (from kit)
Winding Path Bracelet (from kit)Winding Path Bracelet (from kit)


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