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Welcome to my jewelry blog; please leave comments!

It seems that recently PayPal has come under fire for limiting people's accounts, and many people are shunning it.  I hope that is not one of the reasons why I am not selling anything on my website!
Let me assure you that I have NO limits from them and no problems whatsoever as regards my company - there is no reason they would flag my business as I am not involved with any affiliate programs, I do not process large amounts of money etc.
The reason I use PayPal is because they are so strict in protecting against online fraud.  I used to use another processor years ago, and a THIEF got away with scamming me for over $100 that I was liable for!  PayPal scrutinizes EVERY transaction to make sure it is legit - I need to protect myself!
I have switched from the processor that stays on the site to just my regular Business Account because of issues with the SSL.  It was costing me $20 every month in fees!  Since I do not do massive transactions, I just went back to my free PayPal.  I assure you EVERYTHING is SECURE and LEGIT!  I have it linked to my USAA and SBB bank accounts, so all the bases are covered.
You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to purchase from the site - it will allow you to use a credit/debit card.  I also take snail mail checks and money orders! 

Any questions - just shoot me an email at amy@amyshandmadejewelry.com

               Amy S Berthelet

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