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Are Wedding Rings Always Gold?  What Other Metals Are There?
The traditional wedding band has long been made of gold, but nowadays there are more and more choices of materials ranging from wooden rings to ceramic rings. But if you are looking for an alternative precious metal to traditional yellow gold for your ring, then there are many choices available. From premium quality platinum to shiny silver, check out these options:


Platinum as a ring metal is hugely popular, despite its high price tag, because of its long-lasting durability, hardness and its rarity. The beautiful white colour never changes throughout the lifetime of the ring and it is also a very strong metal meaning your ring is unlikely to experience damage.


Another white precious metal which is part of the platinum family but comes with a much lower price tag. It is another beautiful and durable metal which will not tarnish or require re-plating during the ring’s lifetime. This stunning metal looks great against diamonds, for a real bling look.

White gold

White gold is a beautiful metal to offset diamonds, and is created by combining pure gold with a white metal such as silver or palladium. White gold rings are normally plated with rhodium to create an amazing shine and as such, will need re-plating over time to maintain them.

Rose gold

As its name suggests, rose gold is traditional gold but with a pink/red hue for a more romantic look to a wedding ring. Some designs combine traditional gold with rose gold elements, for a distinguishing look. Rose gold differs in quality and hardness in the same way as yellow gold so look out for the different carat options.


Silver is one of the most common precious metals used to make jewellery from but it can tarnish and scratch much more easily than the more expensive metals. It is among the cheapest of the metals to choose from and if you did have a silver ring, plating it with something like rhodium could help protect against wear and tear.


This metal is incredibly strong and durable and is also hypo-allergenic so perfect for anyone sensitive to wearing some of the more traditional metals used in jewellery-making. It has a darker colour than silver and is also a light-weight option.


This grey/white metal has very similar properties to Titanium in terms of strength and weight and is also hypoallergenic. It has an added quality when heat-treated, which creates a striking black oxide coating, which is called black zirconium for a really different style of wedding ring. 


This metal is scratch resistant, strong and hypoallergenic and is also a silver-coloured metal which won’t tarnish. It is quite heavy for a ring and although it is a hard metal, it can be brittle, so if a ring was dropped or knocked, it could potentially break so not the best option if you work a lot with your hands and will be wearing your ring while working.


If you have a really low budget then a steel wedding ring could be ideal. It is strong and durable, as well as being scratch resistant and hypo-allergenic. For a really low-cost silver-looking wedding ring, this could be a perfect option.

As you can see, there are plenty of non-gold metals to choose from when selecting a wedding ring. Whether you have a lot of money to spend or a really tight budget, all of these metals provide durable, good looking wedding rings to suit every style.

And whichever metal you choose, it doesn’t have to be a plain band either as many of these metals are the perfect setting for diamonds or other precious stones, so not only can you choose a ring that’s not gold, but you can also decorated it with bling and come away with something beautiful and unique to you.

Another option which is becoming more and more popular is to use a piece of old jewellery, perhaps something inherited from a mother or grandmother, and melt down and recycle the metal from that, to then use to create your own family heirloom wedding ring. A real personal touch which is environmentally friendly as well as creating a unique ring bespoke for you.

There are many wedding ring making workshops available now where couples can spend an afternoon together crafting rings for each other, or for themselves, as part of the wedding planning experience. These afternoons can be a great way to bond as a couple as you make your rings together. 

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