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Jewelry and Skin: How To Choose The Perfect Jewelry For Your Skin Color
As something that you will potentially be wearing daily, and probably spend quite a bit of money on, jewelry is a purchase that you should allow for some time to carefully consider. When buying your newest investment, you will most likely want to decide on something that is flattering when worn. Different kinds of jewelry suit the different individuals that wear it. Many jewelry buyers consider what outfits they can pair their new bracelet or necklace with, or if it matches their body type, but it is also a good idea to consider the tone and undertone of your skin. There is a variety of metals and gemstones that may look better on different skin tones. Thinking of your beautiful skin color when buying jewelry will help you find a perfect match.

How to determine your skin tone
Remove all makeup and find a place with natural unfiltered light. Hold a piece of white paper against your face — you may notice that your skin appears to have a yellowish or pinkish quality compared with the paper, meaning either warm or cool undertones, respectively. While under natural light, you could also check for the most noticeable of veins. For many individuals, the veins will be easiest to see on the wrists. For people with warm skin tones, the veins will look slightly green. Veins that look purple or blue is indicative of a cool skin tone. If you notice that you can see what appears to be both green and blue veins in different areas, you have a neutral skin tone.
It is important to consider that the terms skin tone and skin color are two completely different things. It is extremely possible that while you have dark skin, you have a cool skin tone — just like light skinned individuals may have warm tones.
Skin with cool undertones
Silver and delicate gold pieces match your skintone without looking overwhelming or distracting. While lighter and smoother metals look great on cool tones of skin, gemstones can really suit your skin type. Brighter colors of gemstones; green, purple, red and blue, for instance, can make your skin pop. The jewelry can bring liveliness to the area in which it is worn.
Skin with warm undertones
Rose gold, bronze, and bold gold pieces will really accent your beautifully warm skin tones. The depthness of your warm skin will be highlighted by these choices of metal, and earthy gemstones can make your skin look even more beautiful. Gemstones that have natural colors — yellow, turquoise, brown, and orange — will match the yellowish undertone of your warm skin. When choosing gemstones, stick with things like Topaz, Agate, Emeralds, and Citrine.
Fair skin with pale, cool undertones
Pairing bold 18kt gold on pale skin may overpower and wash it out, making the skin look pasty. Instead, choosing a more radiant 9kt gold or white gold will bring the luster out of both the jewelry and the soft, fair skin. Additionally, silver works well with pale skin, looking radiant against the cool undertones.
Fair skin with warm, red undertones
Rose gold could potentially clash with the pink or red undertones of your skin, and might want to be avoided. As with cool pale skin, silver looks great with fair skin, especially for people with light blonde hair.
Asian skin
The softness of the skin tone can be accentuated by a brighter yellow or rose gold piece of jewelry. Your skin may have blends of both warm and cool undertones and it’s best to try different pieces on and see what suits you.
Tanned, Mediterranean or olive skin
Lucky you because almost any type of jewelry looks stunning with your skin tone. Any metal will bring out the darker skin tones, regardless of the cool undertones of olive skin or the warmer reds of tanned skin.
Fair and dark African or Arabic skin
You’re in luck because any metal will look absolutely stunning in contrast with your darker skin. Gold will look striking, silver will look bright and elegant, and any color of gemstone will suit you wonderfully.
Every skin tone is different, which means that trying things on and experimenting with different metals and gemstones is crucial. By figuring out what skin tone you have and considering what types of metals and gemstones pair well with your skin color, you are one step closer to finding that perfect piece of jewelry.

Sophie Washington
Sophie is a rising designer in fashion who dreams of becoming a jewelry and bridal fashion designer. She currently writes for orlajames.com and is working on finishing her studies. In her spare time she enjoys sewing, sketching new jewelry pieces, and looking through bridal magazines. 
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