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Welcome to my jewelry blog; please leave comments!

I have finished making some asthetic changes to the website, and people seem to agree it is better!  :)  Besides the color change to 'alice blue' which required me to hard code the changes in to the template, I fixed some redundancy issues in the menus!  I will continue  tweaking little things as necessary to ensure a seamless, enjoyable experience.

In other news, the last week for the Downtown Arlington Farmers Market is here :(  I do not have any information at this time concerning a new location; I have heard that the council member for that district is supposed to show up on Sat.  I have put out feelers to a few places in terms of the possibility of being a vendor or a presence, but nothing settled as of yet.....which is why this site's performance is so vital right now.  Please keep in mind this is my living, my only real income other than a monthly stipend from the government, which does not even cover all the bills.  I run this business myself with no  help other than some advice from friends.....it is a legal sole proprietorship with licensing and all......I just need orders!  This software cost me $6,000 for the license in 2011, and I am doing everything I can think of to make it generate some income for me.  Yes, I am aware of the design flaws and such, but as I am not about to just chunk what I spent out as a bad investment, this is what I have to work with.....I am doing my best to make it 'pretty' :)    
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