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Welcome to my jewelry blog; please leave comments!

It has been a rough day for me.....started out finding water leaking from my sink drain all over the numerous bottles of cleaners etc. underneath, and THEN I had a usability test to participate in in Las Colinas!  In between these events I made a decision to simplify and de-stress.  Running this business has become somewhat of a hassle, owing to the fact that instead of having people simply visit the site to purchase jewelry, every known SEO marketer and also many unsavory black-hat method lovers and outright scammers and CROOKS are hunting me down!  This was meant to be a simple enterprise initially : people come and look and and (hopefully) purchase items, which I then send to them.  That is what an e-commerce site is SUPPOSED to be right?????  I do not need SEO services, I am not looking to purchase either supplies or finished product from overseas, I am not a showroom, and I do not deliver or mass produce cheap 'bling'.....I make quality jewelry pieces myself, put them on this site, and people buy them - period.  From this point forward, any link exchanges that are not directly related to another jewelry (or high fashion) site will be IGNORED......offers to 'improve' my site for a free will be IGNORED, as will any other communication other than LEGITIMATE CUSTOMER REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION.  This is an ONLINE store; anything relating to that is fine.
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