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Welcome to my jewelry blog; please leave comments!

I feel the need to explain something that ought to be obvious - and please forgive me if I come across as sounding harsh or mean......

Amy's Handmade Gifts is a BUSINESS, a company that requires money in order to operate.  It is not a hobby, a fun idea, or a charity.  I have been basically operating at a loss since 2009, and am facing losing my Internet connection today unless I can come up with $130 by 5pm.

 Since I created this website in 2011 I have only had THREE online orders.  Each day I get a total of MAYBE 10 visitors.   This is a StoresOnline E-Commerce website, which costs $355 each month to keep online ($290 for the software license, and $65 for hosting and email/VOIP).  I need to pay $62 every month to the Internet /Cable company.  

Without giving a pathetic song-and-dance break out the tiny violins and serve cheese and whine......I am on a fixed monthly income (Disability due to an anxiety disorder).  My husband is not employed and right now is going through a health crisis - I won't burden you with all the details now, but the medical bills are mounting).  I assure you this is NOT A SCAM SITE!  It is an actual, legal COMPANY that is registered with the city, county and state; I pay taxes on it and everything!  

Unless money comes in via SALES or donations, I am not able to keep this site or its sister site Amy's Notions running.  This is meant to be an income generating business for my family.  I work hard at making each and every item you see on both sites myself here in my workroom/home office.  I do not import and drop ship cheap knockoffs from overseas.

As stated earlier, if I do not come up with $130 by 5pm tonight, I will lose my Internet.  PLEASE take a look carefully through my items and see if there isn't something you'd want, either for yourself or to give to someone else.....

If you do not want to buy anything but don't want to see me close my virtual doors, I can accept donations - of ANY size - in my PayPal account at amyberthelet@gmail.com

I apologize for having to go on like this, but I am up against a wall and don't know what else to do, except pray for a miracle.

Thank you for your time and understanding!

                         Amy Berthelet
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