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Welcome to my jewelry blog; please leave comments!

This guest blog comes from a lady named Karen Tillman (Kat) who loves making beaded jewelry (and other crafts too) as much as I do!  Enjoy!

Leftovers Anyone?
          If you have your own jewelry business as I do or you love to make jewelry as a hobby, then you have THOSE leftover beads that you don't know what to do with.  You know those beads; the six leftover from that bracelet or the three leftover from that necklace.  THOSE beads!
         Here is a solution that will use all those dreaded leftover beads.  A memory wire wrap bracelet.        It can be fun and even the kids can be involved.  The first thing that needs to be done is to separate the beads, sizes 4-8 mm mostly and larger ones for that pop.  Put all shades of red together, blue shades together, etc.  This is a great job for those little fingers and the kids will learn too, colors and counting.  It is a great rainy day project or girl scout project.   It doesn't matter about the different sizes and shapes because that is what gives the bracelet character.
          You will need about 100 beads to complete your bracelet.  These bracelets are fun, colorful and easy on and off.  They can be made with expensive beads or leftovers like our bracelet.  If you already bead, then the only thing you need to purchase is the memory wire.  There is enough wire in the package to make many bracelets.
          Lay out your work items; wire cutters, pliers, memory wire, beads and a charm if you like.  Cut off a length of memory wire that will encircle your wrist three times.  Using your pliers, make a small loop at one end so the beads won't come off.  Now for the fun part, the kids will love this. everyone can be an artist.  You can add the beads using one color or two, in a pattern or mixed up.  It requires patience.
          When you get to the end make sure the beads are snug and make another small loop and add the charm in the loop.  Now you have a pretty wrap bracelet that you can keep or give as a gift.  But it also clears up THOSE leftover beads!    
My name is Kat  and I have a small jewelry shop  where I create beaded jewelry.  I love to create because it is so satisfying.
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