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Welcome to my jewelry blog; please leave comments!

  1. I finally completed 'Dicey Druzy' by Laura Andrews!  The workshop was a lot of fun and I learned how to make unique pieces - like collapsible cups and dice!
    Dicey Druzy by Laura AndrewsDicey Druzy by Laura Andrews
  2. Some of the ladies of the Wild West Bead Society (Arlington, TX) are helping Diana Winship with a project for an abused womwn's shelter - Diana offered to make 'Florabunda' earrings for the women there for Mother's Day, and enlisted the help of several members of WWBS.  I offered to make 3 pairs, and finished them today.
    Florabunda earrings for women's shelter - design Diana Winship 
  3. It seems that recently PayPal has come under fire for limiting people's accounts, and many people are shunning it.  I hope that is not one of the reasons why I am not selling anything on my website!
    Let me assure you that I have NO limits from them and no problems whatsoever as regards my company - there is no reason they would flag my business as I am not involved with any affiliate programs, I do not process large amounts of money etc.
    The reason I use PayPal is because they are so strict in protecting against online fraud.  I used to use another processor years ago, and a THIEF got away with scamming me for over $100 that I was liable for!  PayPal scrutinizes EVERY transaction to make sure it is legit - I need to protect myself!
    I have switched from the processor that stays on the site to just my regular Business Account because of issues with the SSL.  It was costing me $20 every month in fees!  Since I do not do massive transactions, I just went back to my free PayPal.  I assure you EVERYTHING is SECURE and LEGIT!  I have it linked to my USAA and SBB bank accounts, so all the bases are covered.
    You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to purchase from the site - it will allow you to use a credit/debit card.  I also take snail mail checks and money orders! 

    Any questions - just shoot me an email at amy@amyshandmadejewelry.com

                   Amy S Berthelet

  4. I just had my water shut off, and all the house bills are way overdue.....I really need some online sales!  
    PLEASE spread the word about my company to everyone you know!  I have so much more than just jewelry available - and I also do custom work and repairs!
    Everything is one-of-a-kind handmade here in TX by ME!
    If you are in the DFW metroplex area email me or call/text 817-939-1431 and you can arrange to pick up your purchase - and I also have a vendor booth at Hank & Ellie in Pantego!
    I have been in business since 2009 and this website since 2011 - I think I have had maybe 4 sales on it total since then.  I cannot keep up like this - please help.
    I am not asking for a handout - I want to earn my keep like anyone else - that is why I started this business. 

  5. Classic Romance Bracelet by Carol Green

    Classic Romance Bracelet
  6. Woven Rhombus Bracelet (and Earrings) and Statement Necklace - design by Connie Whittaker

    Woven Rhombus Bracelet and Earrings
    Statement Necklace
  7. This is a custom beaded pendant I made for a client

    BAP Apparel

  8. Charmed By a Rain Forest Pouch - design/kit by Cindy Snow/Snowdreams
    Charmed By a Rain Forest Pouch
  9. I am getting slammed with emails offering website design, advertising etc.....I put a NO SOLICITING SIGN on the bottom of EVERY page for a reason!  I am not getting any sales online and making very little at a consignment shop I am in - I get Social Security Disability every month and THAT'S IT!

    PLEASE do not ask me to buy any services!  The emails get deleted.

    I have had this website since 2011 and have spent a LOT of time and money on it - I do some free advertising when I can - I do my own photo editing when I can.

    Thank you - Amy
  10. These are the Holly Leaf and Berry Earrings project by Gwen Fisher, from the Wild West Bead Society meeting in Sept.
    Gwen Fisher Holly Leaf and Berries Earrings

  11. Designs by Maxine Frost and Anna Elizabeth Draeger
    Facet Jewelry Box
  12. These are designs by Connie Whittaker and Cleo Whitmore.
    Facet Jewelry Box July
  13. I have been working on editing my photos for quite some time now, trying to get rid of the backgrounds - apparently it is supposed to look more professional for ecommerce sites.  Since I have not been making any money on here I have no money to pay for a service to do it - so it is just me with Microsoft Paint.  I am afraid the results are pretty poor......my hands are NOT steady enough for this extremely painstaking delicate work.  I am tempted to just leave the rest alone with backgrounds - I feel I am making things worse.  I have almost 400 photos to edit - it just is overwhelming me right now.  So I apologize for less than perfect pictures....I have tried my best.  Unless I start making some sales from here, I cannot afford advertising or photo work.
  14. This took me a little bit to finally finish...been so busy with other stuff!
    Designed by Maxine Frost and Jane Danley Cruz

  15. You can now earn Rewardical tokens at my online store!


  16. This is the Cut Flowers Bracelet - look under Bracelets page - just $15 !
    cut flowers bracelet

  17. I have implemented a SITEWIDE SSL certificate, which means that the ENTIRE site is now encrypted and secure, not only the shopping cart page.  Rest assured all your information is 100% safe here!
  18. Designer - Amy Loh-Kupser

    Arabesque Necklace
  19. I finally had time to finish May's designs!  The designers are Conie Whittaker and Lesley Weiss - enjoy!

    Facet Jewelry BoxFacet Jewelry BoxFacet Jewelry Box
  20. These are from designers Julia Gerlach and Jane Danley Cruz.

    Facet Jewelry Box

  21. I am currently sharpening my beadweaving skills, and have completed 4 'kits' from designers Anna Elizabeth Draeger and Jane Danley Cruz.  These are not for sale but just to show the sort of detail I can do......if you are interested in purchasing some custom pieces similar to these, just e-mail me at : Amy@AmysHandmadeJewelry.com

    Anna Elizabeth Draeger
    Jane Danley Cruz

  22. I've been working on some new beading styles/techniques as well as my photography skills, and wanted to share some photos with you.

  23. "Swimming Pool" and "Translucent Beauty" are here!  Now available for purchase in the Online Store, these tapestries were displayed in the Tokay Beaded Art museum in Roswell NM.

    "Swimming Pool' is professionally matted and framed.
    "Translucent Beauty" has loops for hanging from a rod.
    Swimming Pool framed beaded artTranslucent Beauty beaded art

  24. My tapestry piece Translucent Beauty was accepted into the Tokay Beaded Art Museum in Roswell NM!

    Translucent Beauty beaded tapestryTranslucent Beauty beaded tapestry
  25. Save on everything (excluding Bestsellers category) online through Monday!
    Also save 50% on my select items at Hank and Ellie!  2224 W. Park Row #E  Pantego TX
  26. Are Wedding Rings Always Gold?  What Other Metals Are There?
    The traditional wedding band has long been made of gold, but nowadays there are more and more choices of materials ranging from wooden rings to ceramic rings. But if you are looking for an alternative precious metal to traditional yellow gold for your ring, then there are many choices available. From premium quality platinum to shiny silver, check out these options:


    Platinum as a ring metal is hugely popular, despite its high price tag, because of its long-lasting durability, hardness and its rarity. The beautiful white colour never changes throughout the lifetime of the ring and it is also a very strong metal meaning your ring is unlikely to experience damage.


    Another white precious metal which is part of the platinum family but comes with a much lower price tag. It is another beautiful and durable metal which will not tarnish or require re-plating during the ring’s lifetime. This stunning metal looks great against diamonds, for a real bling look.

    White gold

    White gold is a beautiful metal to offset diamonds, and is created by combining pure gold with a white metal such as silver or palladium. White gold rings are normally plated with rhodium to create an amazing shine and as such, will need re-plating over time to maintain them.

    Rose gold

    As its name suggests, rose gold is traditional gold but with a pink/red hue for a more romantic look to a wedding ring. Some designs combine traditional gold with rose gold elements, for a distinguishing look. Rose gold differs in quality and hardness in the same way as yellow gold so look out for the different carat options.


    Silver is one of the most common precious metals used to make jewellery from but it can tarnish and scratch much more easily than the more expensive metals. It is among the cheapest of the metals to choose from and if you did have a silver ring, plating it with something like rhodium could help protect against wear and tear.


    This metal is incredibly strong and durable and is also hypo-allergenic so perfect for anyone sensitive to wearing some of the more traditional metals used in jewellery-making. It has a darker colour than silver and is also a light-weight option.


    This grey/white metal has very similar properties to Titanium in terms of strength and weight and is also hypoallergenic. It has an added quality when heat-treated, which creates a striking black oxide coating, which is called black zirconium for a really different style of wedding ring. 


    This metal is scratch resistant, strong and hypoallergenic and is also a silver-coloured metal which won’t tarnish. It is quite heavy for a ring and although it is a hard metal, it can be brittle, so if a ring was dropped or knocked, it could potentially break so not the best option if you work a lot with your hands and will be wearing your ring while working.


    If you have a really low budget then a steel wedding ring could be ideal. It is strong and durable, as well as being scratch resistant and hypo-allergenic. For a really low-cost silver-looking wedding ring, this could be a perfect option.

    As you can see, there are plenty of non-gold metals to choose from when selecting a wedding ring. Whether you have a lot of money to spend or a really tight budget, all of these metals provide durable, good looking wedding rings to suit every style.

    And whichever metal you choose, it doesn’t have to be a plain band either as many of these metals are the perfect setting for diamonds or other precious stones, so not only can you choose a ring that’s not gold, but you can also decorated it with bling and come away with something beautiful and unique to you.

    Another option which is becoming more and more popular is to use a piece of old jewellery, perhaps something inherited from a mother or grandmother, and melt down and recycle the metal from that, to then use to create your own family heirloom wedding ring. A real personal touch which is environmentally friendly as well as creating a unique ring bespoke for you.

    There are many wedding ring making workshops available now where couples can spend an afternoon together crafting rings for each other, or for themselves, as part of the wedding planning experience. These afternoons can be a great way to bond as a couple as you make your rings together. 

  27. Jewelry Design and Repair diplomaPenn Forster Transcript
  28. My Swimming Pool beaded tapestry is now on display and for sale at the Tokay Beaded Art Museum in Roswell NM!  I am incredibly honored to be accepted as one of the artists there....here is the link to their webstore.  


    Thank you Junaita Finger for making this possible - a dream come true!
  29. Hi Amy,
    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I'm Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Amy's Handmade Gifts has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 50 Handmade Jewelry Blogs on the web.
    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 50 Handmade Jewelry Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

  30. These were from a pattern from designer Deborah Roberti that were taught at a Wild West Bead Society meeting; I decided to keep them for myself.
    Drop Petal Earrings
    Jewelry and Skin: How To Choose The Perfect Jewelry For Your Skin Color
    As something that you will potentially be wearing daily, and probably spend quite a bit of money on, jewelry is a purchase that you should allow for some time to carefully consider. When buying your newest investment, you will most likely want to decide on something that is flattering when worn. Different kinds of jewelry suit the different individuals that wear it. Many jewelry buyers consider what outfits they can pair their new bracelet or necklace with, or if it matches their body type, but it is also a good idea to consider the tone and undertone of your skin. There is a variety of metals and gemstones that may look better on different skin tones. Thinking of your beautiful skin color when buying jewelry will help you find a perfect match.

    How to determine your skin tone
    Remove all makeup and find a place with natural unfiltered light. Hold a piece of white paper against your face — you may notice that your skin appears to have a yellowish or pinkish quality compared with the paper, meaning either warm or cool undertones, respectively. While under natural light, you could also check for the most noticeable of veins. For many individuals, the veins will be easiest to see on the wrists. For people with warm skin tones, the veins will look slightly green. Veins that look purple or blue is indicative of a cool skin tone. If you notice that you can see what appears to be both green and blue veins in different areas, you have a neutral skin tone.
    It is important to consider that the terms skin tone and skin color are two completely different things. It is extremely possible that while you have dark skin, you have a cool skin tone — just like light skinned individuals may have warm tones.
    Skin with cool undertones
    Silver and delicate gold pieces match your skintone without looking overwhelming or distracting. While lighter and smoother metals look great on cool tones of skin, gemstones can really suit your skin type. Brighter colors of gemstones; green, purple, red and blue, for instance, can make your skin pop. The jewelry can bring liveliness to the area in which it is worn.
    Skin with warm undertones
    Rose gold, bronze, and bold gold pieces will really accent your beautifully warm skin tones. The depthness of your warm skin will be highlighted by these choices of metal, and earthy gemstones can make your skin look even more beautiful. Gemstones that have natural colors — yellow, turquoise, brown, and orange — will match the yellowish undertone of your warm skin. When choosing gemstones, stick with things like Topaz, Agate, Emeralds, and Citrine.
    Fair skin with pale, cool undertones
    Pairing bold 18kt gold on pale skin may overpower and wash it out, making the skin look pasty. Instead, choosing a more radiant 9kt gold or white gold will bring the luster out of both the jewelry and the soft, fair skin. Additionally, silver works well with pale skin, looking radiant against the cool undertones.
    Fair skin with warm, red undertones
    Rose gold could potentially clash with the pink or red undertones of your skin, and might want to be avoided. As with cool pale skin, silver looks great with fair skin, especially for people with light blonde hair.
    Asian skin
    The softness of the skin tone can be accentuated by a brighter yellow or rose gold piece of jewelry. Your skin may have blends of both warm and cool undertones and it’s best to try different pieces on and see what suits you.
    Tanned, Mediterranean or olive skin
    Lucky you because almost any type of jewelry looks stunning with your skin tone. Any metal will bring out the darker skin tones, regardless of the cool undertones of olive skin or the warmer reds of tanned skin.
    Fair and dark African or Arabic skin
    You’re in luck because any metal will look absolutely stunning in contrast with your darker skin. Gold will look striking, silver will look bright and elegant, and any color of gemstone will suit you wonderfully.
    Every skin tone is different, which means that trying things on and experimenting with different metals and gemstones is crucial. By figuring out what skin tone you have and considering what types of metals and gemstones pair well with your skin color, you are one step closer to finding that perfect piece of jewelry.

    Sophie Washington
    Sophie is a rising designer in fashion who dreams of becoming a jewelry and bridal fashion designer. She currently writes for orlajames.com and is working on finishing her studies. In her spare time she enjoys sewing, sketching new jewelry pieces, and looking through bridal magazines. 
  32. These are diffuser necklaces designed by a client who is a Young Living Essential Oils representative.

    diffuser jewelrydiffuser jewelry
    diffuser jewelrydiffuser jewelry
  33. Here are some of the things I have been working on.....

    Onyx ring, sterling and fine silver                          Japanese Chainmaille earrings (aluminum)                   Brass monogram pendant & Earringsbrass monogram earrings
    onyx ring in silver
    Japanese chainmaille earringsbrass monogram pendant
  34. Iconic signet ring: traditional signifier of old wealth and breeding

    Adored by powerful Egyptian kings and ancient rulers of the world, the conventional signet ring is today an essential piece of jewelry. History tells us that signets used to be traditional symbols of wealth. People wore them on the little finger and at some point in history the crest was used to seal important documents and letters. Some families still give signet rings to their sons as heritage. This iconic piece of jewelry bears many meanings – power, authority, status in society, and more.


    A ring made for practical purposes

    The signet ring was the first ring ever created to have a practical purpose. Dating from the ancient times – centuries before writing became widespread – legal documents and royal proclamations had to be marked and authenticated. Signets were used to seal envelopes and the only person entitled to apply the seal was the king. These two-dimensional “badges” had a special carving on the crest, and before marking anything it had to be pressed in clay or warm wax. Also known as emblems, signets were a symbol of supreme power and status in society. Soon enough they became indispensable in marking sales bills, commerce, and other documents.

    Wealthy people owned signets made of gold, which increased the general value of the carving. Following their practical purpose, these bands started having a much more important role. Worn by men only, in some societies they were meant to emphasize someone’s rank. This trend ended in the 18th century when increasingly more people started wearing signets as jewelry.


    A gentleman’s ring

    In the 19th century signet rings became essential fashion pieces. Men wanted the bands to be bigger, bolder and heavier. The carved emblem was meant to emphasize a person’s position in society. The best rings had stones made of garnet, ruby, cornelian, bloodstone and amethyst materials. The most expensive and at the same time, elegant signet, was the one with a swivel bezel design. All-metal rings had to be manufactured from gold or platinum. The raised bezel came with an emblem or symbol; oval or square-shaped bezels were the most common. At the end of the 19th century men started asking for a diversified design. They began thriving for signets with raised designs; some however, preferred intaglio engravings or sunken designs.

    Signet rings in the modern days

    Things have changed a lot over the years, and right now even women wear signet rings; however, they like to call them statement rings. Even engagement and wedding rings can be signets because they look different, extravagant and out-of-the-ordinary; which by the way, is exactly what every woman wants. Do you crave an original sense of style? Make it! Include a fascinating signet ring into your collection and have it custom made. When it comes to the metal, three types are the best: silver, gold and brass. The latter type mentioned is in trend this season due to its old-fashioned, vintage-like allure.


    Men can wear signet rings as well; even their wedding bands can have a crest. But then again, choose an elegant model and stay away from gypsy-like models with colorful stones and too much gold. Wear your band on whichever finger you want and be proud of it; of its significance. Even though today’s signet is just a fashion piece, it can still have the most meaningful significance to you and your family. We love these jewelry items because they can many any outfit stands out; this statement is addressed to women who love to make an impression. Pair the most extravagant gold signet & pink diamonds with a sheer, simple white dress. It will instantly make you stand above the crowd anywhere you go.

    Today’s jewelry is created to have an impact. Avant-garde women with a personal sense of style will love this trend. Signet rings have had a long and tumultuous history. For some people, they’re still a symbol of power (although it’s more inner than outer power); for others, they’re merely a really cool item to wear when you want to impress. Embrace the fascinating signet ring, its historical past and significance. Wear it with the greatest pride and choose metals, stones and carvings that mean something to you. The final piece will give you the most reassuring boost of confidence.

    By Christopher Austin and MyFamilySilver.com!

  35. Another memory of my beloved Stone - furry flannel!Stone in flannel
  36. This was me on the San Diego coast circa 2002-ish?  I remember the tidal pools smelled awful.....I was like, I'm on the edge of America! 
    Amy on San Diego coast

  37. This one is blurry, but I decided to include it anyway....it was on my 1st trip to San Diego - this was taken in Balboa ParkBalboa Park
  38. Here's another pic of my furbaby Stone

  39. This one was taken when me and my husband were on our way to San Diego CA for Christmas....I think this was a Fuel City in AZ
    Amy by wagons
  40. Amy and StoneThis is a very old picture of me with my 1st furbaby Stone....taken around 2002 I think.  I want to share my huge archive of photos with everyone so you can get to know me as well as my company.  I became Stone's mommy when I met her daddy Chris....she is now at rest in Bluebonnet Pet Cemetery in Mansfield - always in my heart. 
  41. I need to start doing some long-form blogging.....I have TONS of photos that I have taken over the years in various places and situations and I think it is way past time I shared them on here!

    Here is a teaser from the road trip my husband Chris and I recently went on; this was when we drove up to the top of Mt Lemmon in AZ :
    Mt Lemmon Stay tuned for more to come!

  42. oceanic necklace
  43. layered in copper jewelry set
  44. warm and cool necklace
  45. chain tunnel bracelet
  46. mixed mauve necklacemixed mauve necklace
  47. Southwestern Treasure Earrings
  48. hanging cardHanging Card
  49. Best Buds Card
  50. Best Dad Ever Card
  51. Hanging Card
  52. Lacy Net BraceletLacy Net BraceletLacy Net Bracelet
  53. Bold and Bright Bracelet
  54. Amish Quilt Tapestrysize is 7" x 7" design is Lancaster                                                                                      Diamond

  55. Handley Farmers MarketHandley Farmers Market 7101 E Lancaster Ave                                                                                       Fort Worth TX                                                                                                 Friday July 10  8AM - 2PM


    The Artisan Market at Windsong Ranch
    Windsong Ranch Artisan Market  1001 Windsong Parkway South Prosper TX  9 am - noon
                                                                                                                         Saturday July 11 

  56. On sale now for $25!
    The Escort NecklaceThe Escort Necklace
    The Escort NecklaceThe Escort Necklace

  57. pink buds mini tapestry
  58. Silvery Finesse NecklaceSilvery Finesse Necklace
  59. Beaded Beads Hair Tie
  60. Wild Violet Bracelet
  61. friendship bracelet
  62. Texas Beaded Bookmark
  63. Bellbottom Blues Bracelet
  64. Pink Flower Mini Tapestry
  65. Blue Soul Bracelet
  66. Blue Brocade Bracelet
  67. GO! Spain BraceletGO! Spain Bracelet
  68. Saturday May 23 -  Lancaster Rd location ONLY - Buy 1 Get 1 FREE  
                          Handley Farmers Market 7101 E Lancaster Rd Fort Worth TX
                           8 AM - 2 PM 

    Sunday May 24 and Monday May 25 ONLINE ONLY - storewide sale
  69. My Diploma from the New York Institute of Art & Design - I am now a Certified Designer/Maker!
    New York Institute of Art & Design Certificate

  70. Blue Lace and Violet Lace
    delicate St Petersburg chain design

    Blue Lace BraceletViolet Lace Bracelet

  71. capitol colors necklace
  72. Blue Sky Bracelet
  73. Just Added - Black Gold Bracelet $15 - $10 on sale - Mother's Day Sale
    Black Gold Bracelet

  74. Here is a list of some businesses and charities I think merit some kudos!

    Cafe Acapulco - a local (Arlington TX) Mexican restaurant my husband and I frequent quite often

    Joe's Pizza - local (Arlington TX) pizza/pasta/subs place, serves HUUGE potions!

    Handley Farmer's Market - artisanal market in Fort Worth Texas (I am a vendor there) - organic, local, all-natural food, soaps, candles and more!

    Pastor Simon James - he helps the widows and orphans from the slums of India.....they DESPERATELY need help

    Deliverance Bible Church (DBC) -  international ministry preaching the truth in love - my husband and I attend the one in Hurst

    Bead For Life - gives women in Uganda the chance to rise out of poverty 

    Reconciliation Outreach - Christian residential shelter in Dallas TX - I was saved there in 1998 - the BEST place for a person to go to 'get their life back on track'
  75. tubular treasure bracelet
  76. Keep your eyes on this website for a major announcement in the next few days!  This especially concerns those in the DFW area.....
  77. herringbone stitch braceletherringbone stitch bracelet
  78. beaded toggle braceletbeaded toggle braceletbeaded toggle bracelet
  79. Silver Baubles BraceletSilver Baubles Bracelet
  80. Sea Squares Bracelet
  81. I just finished this bracelet for a co-vendor at the market; it is silvertoned slider beads on elastic cord and intertwined coppertoned chain - $40
    bespoke metal braceletbespoke metal braceletbespoke metal braceletbespoke metal bracelet

  82. This Friday and Saturday will be the last days of the Downtown Arlington Farmers Market (unless we are able to relocate).  If you are in the DFW area PLEASE come out and show your support!  The address is 215 E Front Street Arlington TX and the hours are Fri 9AM until ????  and Sat 8AM until ???

  83. tubular herringbone bracelettubular herringbone bracelet
  84. brown angles bracelet
  85. peyote waves braceletpeyote waves bracelet
  86. Wood Bead Necklace 2

    wood bead necklace
  87. blue ndebele braceletblue ndebele bracelet
  88. I have finished making some asthetic changes to the website, and people seem to agree it is better!  :)  Besides the color change to 'alice blue' which required me to hard code the changes in to the template, I fixed some redundancy issues in the menus!  I will continue  tweaking little things as necessary to ensure a seamless, enjoyable experience.

    In other news, the last week for the Downtown Arlington Farmers Market is here :(  I do not have any information at this time concerning a new location; I have heard that the council member for that district is supposed to show up on Sat.  I have put out feelers to a few places in terms of the possibility of being a vendor or a presence, but nothing settled as of yet.....which is why this site's performance is so vital right now.  Please keep in mind this is my living, my only real income other than a monthly stipend from the government, which does not even cover all the bills.  I run this business myself with no  help other than some advice from friends.....it is a legal sole proprietorship with licensing and all......I just need orders!  This software cost me $6,000 for the license in 2011, and I am doing everything I can think of to make it generate some income for me.  Yes, I am aware of the design flaws and such, but as I am not about to just chunk what I spent out as a bad investment, this is what I have to work with.....I am doing my best to make it 'pretty' :)    
  89. enchanting aventurine jewelry set
  90. To The "Effie " Collection!  Here we have three wonderful necklaces straight from The Capitol that you are sure to enjoy!   sigh - I just love that!
    All are $10.

    petally pink perfection necklacepassion for purple necklaceparty in the capitol necklace

  91. The *disclaimer - "Effie Trinket" is a fictional character created by Suzanne Collins and the pictures are of Elizabeth Banks - I do not own this character *
  92. beaded bauble bracelet
  93. Here is a link to information on many gemstones that can be special ordered for custom pieces :

  94. Turkish Delight Bracelet
  95. inverted roundmail chain bracelet
  96. roundmail chain bracelet
  97. Necklace $20  Bracelet $10Chris Berthelet wood bead necklaceChris Berthelet wood bead bracelet
  98. golden rings earrings
  99. oval shaped beads earrings
  100. Portugal beaded bookamrk
  101. All prices slashed - today only!
  102. chain earrings
  103. So I found out that people think that my site isn't trustworthy and nobody would spend money on it!!!!!  It is cluttered, old, too colorful......
    I had decided to have a pink background for Valentines Day - guess it was a mistake.......

    I am a real person who makes real jewelry and really will ship it !!!!!!!  My site is a StoresOnline template that I paid $6,000 for!  The site is totally SECURE - payments are processed through PAYPAL.

    I have been working at this since 2009 BY MYSELF, since I do not have money to hire people.

    Please spread the word - this is a LEGIT. BUSINESS!!!!!!
  104. Byzantine weave chain bracelet
  105. wirework jewelry set
  106. beaded ankletbeaded anklet
  107. chain maille necklace
  108. chainmaille bracelet
  109. box link chain bracelet
  110. wire and bead earrings
  111. chain and bead necklace
  112. African Turquoise jewelry set
  113. beaded bracelet
  114. Now in the Cards and Gifts section
    Christmas card

    Christmas cardChristmas cardChristmas card
  115. From now through Jan. 1st, ALL items will be discounted!  Also, don't forget to check my YouTube channel for daily updates on my business and my California Vacation!

  116. Amy's Handmade Gifts now has an official channel on YouTube!!!  Check it out, subscribe, share etc.....


  117. I am currently working on a YouTube channel for Amy's Handmade Gifts!  It will be a series of (hopefully) daily short messages by me (and special appearances by my kitties Lilly and Faith) about new projects I am working on, life in general, and the occasional Christian inspirational blurb.  Be on the lookout for them!
  118. agate chain jewelry set
  119. Holiday Inspiration Christmas Decorations Set $40

    Christmas decorations setholiday decorations
    Christmas decorationsholiday decorations set
  120. stamped leather coasterleather coaster
    leather coasterleather coaster

    $5 each - in Cards and Gifts section

  121. Right Angle Weave Gold and White Necklace $40hand stitched bead necklace
  122. BLACK FRIDAY  11/28   Almost everything 50% off at physical location                                            ONLY!!!  215 E. Front St  Arlington TX  9am-                                                  3pm  Downtown Arlington Farmers Market

    SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY  11/29    At Farmers Market ONLY - special 'pick your discount' event - every paying customer gets to draw from a bowl for a 10-50% off discount plus a free gift! (while supplies last)  215 E Front St Arlington TX   8am-2pm

    CYBER MONDAY 12/1 - ONLINE ONLY www.amyshandmadejewelry.com                                          EVERY ITEM ON SALE!!!! (times TBD)

  123. Fruit Basket 1  $68delica bead tapestry
  124. Shop Small
  125. Simple Loops Earrings $15silver spiral earrings

    Wrapped Loops Earrings $10 colorful bead earrings

  126. Asymmetrical Glass Bead Necklace $30 3 strand necklace

  127. Here is my first chainmaille attempt - a European 4-in-1 Chain Weave Bracelet!  It is available now for just $10!4-in-1 chain bracelet
  128. Green Serpentine Bracelet $8serpentine bracelet
  129.  Peacock Bargello Tote Bag $30 (design by Sharen Johnson)needlepoint tote
  130. Pretty In Pink Pendant Necklace $16.00 wire wrapped bead pendant
  131. The technical snafu with my email has been fixed on the site.....my amyshandmadejewelry inbox is temporarily full, so I have re-routed everything to amyshandmadegifts@gmail.com - please make note of the change.  I apologize for any inconvenience.

    I am looking for suggestions to help my site improve, so if you are reading this, can you please take a moment to go through the site and tell me HONESTLY -

    What could I be doing better?
    What is not on the site that you would like to see/be interested in buying?

    This is much needed and appreciated!  Since I am only at a physical location 2 days out of the week, I REALLY need this website to work for me!  Please send me an email and let me know so this can move forward!  THANKS!
  132. Swarovski Earrings $20  Swarovski Bracelet $30 Swarovski crystal earrings

  133. GO! England Beaded Bookmark $37 Beaded Bookmark
  134. Swarovski Pearl Bracelet  $45                              Swarovski Butterfly Earrings  $20

    Swarovski braceletSwarovski earrings

  135. This was at my shop at the Farmers Market! Thanks to Launa Virgo of Launa's Tarted-Up Bakery!

  136. As an experiment I am offering 4 NEW greeting cards on this site!  They feature fancy folded medallions which were made using a technique called tea bag folding.  If these sell, I will be adding more from my other site!!

    handmade greeting cardhandmade greeting cardhandmade greeting cardhandmade greeting card
  137. Here are a few pictures of my booth at the Farmers Market.....this was right after setting up; I have since made it nicer!  I will be sharing more photos soon.....
    Downtown Arlington Farmers MarketDowntown Arlington Farmers MarketDowntown Arlington Farmers Market
  138. This weekend at the Downtown Arlington Farmers Market there will be grass-fed beef hotdogs, scavenger hunt, possibly beer......come on out!  I'm sure I will have some - if not all - things on sale.....!!!

    DAFM  215 E Front Street  Arlington TX   8am - 2PM (possibly later)
  139. The GO! Collection will now also include beaded bookmarks - here is one for Switzerland......
    Switzerland beaded bookmark

  140. I just added 3 bracelet and earring sets; they are made of genuine semiprecious stone chips (amethyst, aventurine and rose quartz).
    amethyst jewelryaventurine jewelrysemiprecious jewelry
  141. Denim Crystal Jewelry Set  $36
    blue beaded jewelry set
  142. Exciting news!  I have reserved space at the Downtown Arlington Farmers Market!  Look for Amy's Handmade Gifts in the corner every Friday and Saturday from 8am-2pm!  This market is not just veggies; in addition to organic produce there is bakery, jewelry, cross-stitch, candles, plants........with fun activities scheduled for the summer there's something for everyone!

  143. Genesis Rainbow Tapestry, made with genuine Miyuki Delicas and FireLine thread......

    Delicas beaded tapestry
  144. In addition to all of my artisanal jewelry, I now offer products on Kitsy Lane.  These are NOT made by me; I get a small commission from each sale.  SO in case you can't find a style that you like on my site, feel free to peruse Boutique DeBertheletville!
  145. This is a site I discovered where they will send you a box of high-end beauty/grooming samples every month; there is one for women and one for men.  You can personalize your preferences as to what you want, your skin type, etc., and you can also order full sizes of whatever you like!

  146. This one actually has acrylic bezels in it, so it is priced much lower.......

    cuff bracelet
  147. The Lillystone Collection Classic Rosettes Wire-Wrapped Ring

    designer cocktail ring
  148. The Lillystone Collection Classic Lace and Rosettes Bracelet

    designer bracelet
  149. The Lillystone Collection Classic Crystal Earrings

    designer earrings
  150. The Lillystone Collection Classic Lace and Flowers Earrings

    designer earrings
  151. The Lillystone Collection Classic Elegant Loops Earrings

    designer earrings
  152. The Lillystone Collection Classic Brown and Gold Loops Earrings

    designer earrings
  153. The Lillystone Collection Classic Beaded Loops Earrings

    designer earrings
  154. The Lillystone Collection Classic Lace and Flowers Necklace

    designer necklace
  155. The Lillystone Collection Classic Seed Pearls Necklace

    designer necklace
  156. The Lillystone Collection Classic Golden Splendor Beaded Necklace

    designer necklace
  157. The Lillystone Collection Classic Rosette Beaded Necklace

    designer necklace
  158. The Lillystone Collection Classic Faceted Glass Beaded Necklace

    designer necklace
  159. The Lillystone collection Classic Brown and Gold Wire-Wrapped Ring

    designer cocktail ring
  160. The Lillystone Collection Classic Brown and Gold Beaded Bracelet 

    designer bracelet
  161. The Lillystone Collection Classic Crystal and Pearl Earrings

    designer earrings

  162. The Lillystone Collection Classic Crystal and Rose Earrings

    designer earrings
  163. The Lillystone Collection Classic Golden Bead Earrings
    designer earrings
  164. Beautiful Bronzite Jewelry Set
    Bronzite jewelry

  165. The Lillystone Collection Classic Lampwork and Chain Earrings

    designer earrings
  166. The Lillystone Collection Classic Gold Beaded Earrings

    designer earrings
  167. For Reveal #3 we have The Lillystone collection Classic Gold Beaded Necklace
    designer beaded necklace
  168. The Lillystone Collection Classic Brown and Gold Chain Necklace

    designer necklace
  169. The brand-new designer pieces are being added to The Lillystone collection page right now!  These have been meticulously designed and constructed by Amy Berthelet for the New York Institute of Arts & Design's Beading and Wire Working Course.  They feature hand selected glass and Czech crystal beads in brown and gold tones, as well as hand-forged elegant clasps.  These pieces are perfect for a night out at a fancy restaurant or the opera.

    The first reveal is the Classic Brown and Gold Beaded Necklace.....

  170. inspirational charm bracelets
  171. The next beaded tapestry that will be offered on my site is coming along great!  I really love making these!  From now on I will use only genuine Miyuki Delica seed beads and Fireline thread for the highest quality.  

  172. All items discounted, now until Mother's Day....gift wrapping/personalized cards on request.

  173. I have been slowly recovering from a nasty attack of the norovirus stomach bug since Saturday after getting back from a road trip to IL, so it may take me a bit to clear my email and such - thank you for your patience and understanding.
  174. Shout-out to Jason and Karyl MacGregor of Canvas Vandal for their recent contribution to Amy's Handmade Gifts!  I will now be able to appear in at least 3 local craft fairs!  Here is their link - if you are in the DFW Metroplex you def. want to check them out!

     And a huge thanks for the gorgeous sign and banner Jason made for me!!!!  Amy's Handmade Gifts
  175. pink jewelry set
  176. beaded napkin rings
  177. crystal wrapped candle
  178. zebra design jewelry set
  179. The Lillystone Collection
  180. The Lillystone Collection
  181. The Lillystone CollectionThe Lillystone Collection
  182.  The Lillystone CollectionThe Lillystone Collection
  183. The Lillystone CollectionThe Lillystone Collection
  184. Coming SOON!  Delicate seed pearls and beads long necklace
    Lillystone preview
  185. Here is a necklace I just finished for a customer....she wanted it in her school colors
    custom order necklace
  186. Here are a few more new necklace designs I will be premiering as part of The Lillystone Collection - as soon as I finish my design course.
    The Lillystone CollectionThe Lillystone Collection
  187. Now until March 17, all items with green in them are on sale!

    green sale
  188. golden and blue jewelry setgolden and blue jewelry set
  189. Here is the design.....beaded tapestry design
    First I need to purchase THIS so I can select the exact colors I need.... http://www.firemountaingems.com/itemdetails/H201093SE

  190. I finally finished it!!!!  It did not turn out as well as I had hoped; the beads were unevenly sized and the background is too dark while the lettering turned out too light.  Also, when I put it on my little sweetie, she tries to eat it!  NOT GOOD for an article made of GLASS BEADS - soooo she has to wait to grow out of this biting phase before she can have her new collar.

    beaded cat collarFaith with beaded collar

    Faith with beaded collar
  191. It has been a rough day for me.....started out finding water leaking from my sink drain all over the numerous bottles of cleaners etc. underneath, and THEN I had a usability test to participate in in Las Colinas!  In between these events I made a decision to simplify and de-stress.  Running this business has become somewhat of a hassle, owing to the fact that instead of having people simply visit the site to purchase jewelry, every known SEO marketer and also many unsavory black-hat method lovers and outright scammers and CROOKS are hunting me down!  This was meant to be a simple enterprise initially : people come and look and and (hopefully) purchase items, which I then send to them.  That is what an e-commerce site is SUPPOSED to be right?????  I do not need SEO services, I am not looking to purchase either supplies or finished product from overseas, I am not a showroom, and I do not deliver or mass produce cheap 'bling'.....I make quality jewelry pieces myself, put them on this site, and people buy them - period.  From this point forward, any link exchanges that are not directly related to another jewelry (or high fashion) site will be IGNORED......offers to 'improve' my site for a free will be IGNORED, as will any other communication other than LEGITIMATE CUSTOMER REQUESTS FOR INFORMATION.  This is an ONLINE store; anything relating to that is fine.
  192. These are stamped .925 on the chain and on the core of the beads!  More colors coming soon.....
    Euro-style necklaceEuro style beads
  193. beaded jewelry set
  194. Here is an upcoming bracelet and ring that will be featured SOON
    designer braceletdesigner ring
  195. last pair of upcoming earring additions .....
    designer earrings
  196. Here is earring pair #4 !
    designer earrings
  197. Here's a peek at two more Lillystone additions to come!
  198. here is another new pair of earrings that will be part of the Lillystone Collection in the near future :
    designer earrings
  199. From now until New Year's Day, EVERYTHING on this site will be on sale.  

    JUST ADDED - Beaded Tapestires!!!!!  Here is the first one, it is called Holy Spirit Flame.
    beaded tapestry
  200. From now through Tuesday, there will be a category of jewelry on sale each day.  Here is the schedule :

    Friday - Rings

    Saturday - Earrings

    Sunday - Bracelets

    Monday - Necklaces

    Tuesday - Jewelry Sets
  201. Here is a preview of the 1st pair of original designer earrings for my jewelry design class that will eventually be added to the Lillystone collection

  202. future addition to Lillystone.....

  203. another future addition to the Lillystone Collection

  204. For my final project for jewelry design school I am expanding my Lillystone line of designer jewelry......here is a preview of the first one of the new necklaces - out later in 2014!

    This one is done is shades of brown and gold, with crystal bicone beads in the center and a unique hand forged clasp...
    Lillystone Collection
  205. The sale will be extended through today for Small Business Saturday - take advantage of these low prices!
  206. Our Black Friday Sale will start at 9am this Friday (11-29-13) and run until 9am the following day!  All orders will get a FREE greeting card of their choice from our sister site Amy's Handmade Gifts .  
  207. Here are a few pics of my booth - and the neighboring ones too -  at ArtsGoggle last weekend in Fort Worth.....
  208. Here is a pic of the tapestry so far....had to get more white beads yesterday!
    seed bead tapestry
  209. Here is how far I've gotten on my 1st seed bead tapestry - I will be taking orders for customers designs!  Haven't yet determined pricing though.....need something other than an hourly rate for these!!!!
    seed bead tapestry
  210. This is something that The Lord showed to me as far as the direction I should take and types of items I should make.....it's a bold move, and not one I could ever do without His help!  I am working on.....

    seed bead tapestries!

    Here's the start of my 1st one, it will feature a Holy Spirit theme :

  211. Well, a couple days ago I bent wrong or something and wrenched the muscles in my lower back.  Ouch.  So since I had a doc appointment already scheduled for yesterday, I told her about it, and she gave me a prescription for a muscle relaxer and said I needed to rest in bed for 3 days!!!!  :/  So here I am in bed with my darling volunteer nurse kitten asleep at my feet. I can hear my husband doing the sinkful of dishes in the kitchen BY HAND - the dishwasher broke a few days ago :(  So I am getting caught up on my Sheffield School studies and my Bible Institute studies too.  I will also work on that huge project the Lord dropped into my spirit.  I also may need to accompany my husband tomorrow to get me added onto his plan at the county hospital - something I have been putting off, but with this back pain I have to just do it......On another front, I have submitted my registration for the Fall ArtsGoggle in Fort Worth, but I have not heard back about my placement yet.  I am asking to be either in front of or actually inside of Zio Carlo Brewpub on Magnolia - we shall see.....
  212. beaded bracelet for Germany
  213. multi stranded jewelry set
  214. As of today, you can specify USPS, DHL, UPS or FedEx when checking out!  The additional shipping charges will be calculated and invoiced.
  215. I will be in Frankfurt Germany with my husband on a mission trip from Aug. 4-11.  Any orders placed during that time will be fulfilled as soon as I get back.  Thank you for your understanding and your prayers :)
  216. For Assorted Cards and Gifts - my NEW website is at http://amyshandmadegifts.wix.com/gifts

    Right now the only items listed are the Christian Glory Gifts....I will be adding things daily (not on Sundays)....

    I apologize for the long URL; it is a free website for now until I can justify the expense of a domain and a premium site.

    Go take a look and tell me what you think!
  217. My other gifts site AmysNotions.com is temporarily down due to having to restructure.  The site itself is now at www.notions.yolasite.com and the online store has been disabled.  If you wish to purchase greeting cards, coasters etc. please email me at amyb@execs.com or call 817-393-5007.  I apologize for any inconvenience, but it was necessary to cut costs.  I will post updates as things change. - Amy S. Berthelet, Owner
  218. Summer sale running now until August 1st!  Everything is on sale!
  219. Today will be the last day that incoming credit card orders will be processed through ProPay.  As of tomorrow, ALL transactions will go through my PayPal Business Account.
  220. As of July 11, this site will not longer be utilizing ProPay to process credit card payments.  When I signed up with the company, I was not aware that I would be held responsible in the case of fraud against me.  With no orders, I simply cannot afford to have people stealing from me and have to pay it out of my own pocket.  I have been told that I should be glad I got the merchandise back......it doesn't do me any good if nobody buys it!

    I will continue to offer PayPal as a payment option for my customers; it is not necessary to have a PayPal account as there is an option to just enter your card details.  If someone has a PayPal account they may also pay by e-check or PayPal funds.  The customer needs to return to my site after the payment transaction is finished in order for it to register properly.

    When funds allow, I will implement PayPal's merchant account for credit card payments - it is $360 a year.

    Please note that paying through PayPal does NOT mean that the merchandise is 2nd rate or a ripoff......I still make EVERY PIECE myself here in my home office, and the lowest quality material I use is glass, NEVER PLASTIC (jewelry).  Again, when I begin actually making a profit with my sites I will begin using higher-quality materials such as real silver and Swarovski crystal (I already use these in custom-ordered pieces).

    I apologize for the change, but it is necessary to allow me to keep this website running.  Thank you for understanding.

                      - Amy B. 
  221. As of today, the telephone number has changed to 817-382-1AMY (1269).
  222. Starting today, when an order is received online I will be running the customer-provided address through an address verification system.  If the given address for shipping is not valid, I will contact the customer and the order will not be shipped until a verifiable address is provided.  I apologize for the inconvenience, however, due to fraud this has become necessary.

                       Amy B.
  223. I am now OFFICIALLY Amy's Handmade Gifts!  My dba was just finalized!  My company is an official Sole Proprietorship based in the state of Texas - happy dance!!!!!  :)
  224. The phone at 817-393-5007 will be out of service temporarily due to an Internet outage at my house......please email with any questions.

    Thank you for your understanding.

                 Amy Berthelet
  225. I feel the need to explain something that ought to be obvious - and please forgive me if I come across as sounding harsh or mean......

    Amy's Handmade Gifts is a BUSINESS, a company that requires money in order to operate.  It is not a hobby, a fun idea, or a charity.  I have been basically operating at a loss since 2009, and am facing losing my Internet connection today unless I can come up with $130 by 5pm.

     Since I created this website in 2011 I have only had THREE online orders.  Each day I get a total of MAYBE 10 visitors.   This is a StoresOnline E-Commerce website, which costs $355 each month to keep online ($290 for the software license, and $65 for hosting and email/VOIP).  I need to pay $62 every month to the Internet /Cable company.  

    Without giving a pathetic song-and-dance break out the tiny violins and serve cheese and whine......I am on a fixed monthly income (Disability due to an anxiety disorder).  My husband is not employed and right now is going through a health crisis - I won't burden you with all the details now, but the medical bills are mounting).  I assure you this is NOT A SCAM SITE!  It is an actual, legal COMPANY that is registered with the city, county and state; I pay taxes on it and everything!  

    Unless money comes in via SALES or donations, I am not able to keep this site or its sister site Amy's Notions running.  This is meant to be an income generating business for my family.  I work hard at making each and every item you see on both sites myself here in my workroom/home office.  I do not import and drop ship cheap knockoffs from overseas.

    As stated earlier, if I do not come up with $130 by 5pm tonight, I will lose my Internet.  PLEASE take a look carefully through my items and see if there isn't something you'd want, either for yourself or to give to someone else.....

    If you do not want to buy anything but don't want to see me close my virtual doors, I can accept donations - of ANY size - in my PayPal account at amyberthelet@gmail.com

    I apologize for having to go on like this, but I am up against a wall and don't know what else to do, except pray for a miracle.

    Thank you for your time and understanding!

                             Amy Berthelet
  226. Ethiopia Bracelet
  227. cross charm necklacecross charm necklacecross charm necklace
  228. charm necklacecharm necklace
  229. cross charm necklacecross charm necklacecross charm necklace
  230. cross charm necklacecross charm necklacecross charm necklace
  231. cross charm necklacecross charm necklacecross charm necklace
  232. Can be worn as a necklace or bracelet - thought by some to help arthritis pain *(NOT medical fact)
    magnetic hematite wrap
  233. I have just added a bunch of new items to both sites, including jewelry and hand-tooled leather!  Here is the first addition - Crystal & Pearl Cross Necklace
    cross necklace 
  234. I wanted to show everyone just where Amy's Handmade Gifts is located and how/where the products are made.....

    Amy's Handmade Gifts is a Sole Proprietorship owned and operated by just myself (Amy Berthelet).  I do all the designing, assembling, and shipping from my home office in Texas.  I also do all of the web design and promoting there.  The Designs By Chris pieces are done in the same location (Chris is my husband).  Here are the headquarters in Arlington, Texas - my office is the middle window.  Also pictured below are shots of my workroom and the materials I use.....suppliesworkroomworkroom
    Amys Handmade Gifts
  235. bird earrings
  236. This one is for a customer who is adopting a baby from EthiopiaEthiopia bracelet
  237. I will be selling mainly my greeting cards/other gift items and SOME jewelry.....

    Bits of Texas Craft Fair "Door prizes every hour, live bands, vendor give-aways, food/drink concessions, face painters, balloon artist, over 150 vendors to shop from!" June 15th, 2013 9:00AM - 6:00PM Norris Center Sundance Square 304 Houston Street Fort Worth, TX 76104 Admission Fee is $6.00 for 18 years and older.

  238. "Drops of Splendor"
    crystal earrings
  239. lovely delicate Czech crystal bracelet "Party Elegance"crystal bracelet
  240. bracelet for a friend - it didn't turn out as well as I hoped.....from now on I will only make these using pre-threaded needles
    Argentina bracelet

  241. This is the new style.....Canada beaded braceletCanada bracelet
  242. She is 8 weeks old and the newest addition to our family. She is sooo tiny and cute and full of energy - our Lilly still hasn't come to terms with her yet......
    new kitten
  243. Here are some pics of my setup inside  - had to tear down quickly and head in as soon as I got set up when storm clouds rolled in.....
    First Saturday on Magnolia showDesigns By Chris ChainmailleFirst Saturday on MagnoliaFirst Saturday on Magnolia show
  244. Weather permitting.....I will be in the Zio Carlo Magnolia Brewpub lot today from noon-6pm.  I will see if I can set up a table inside if a storm hits.  My husband Chris (Designs by Chris) will also be there with his chainmaille!

    First Saturday on Magnolia - vintage shopping and more
    Zio Carlo Magnolia Brewpub
    1001 W Magnolia in Fort Worth, TX  
  245. For all those who are interested in the inspiration for my GO! line of bracelets...




    Also, don't forget about First Saturday on Magnolia coming up on June 1 in Fort Worth.

  246. Brazil Christian Missions BraceletGO! Brazil Bracelet
  247. This guest blog comes from a lady named Karen Tillman (Kat) who loves making beaded jewelry (and other crafts too) as much as I do!  Enjoy!

    Leftovers Anyone?
              If you have your own jewelry business as I do or you love to make jewelry as a hobby, then you have THOSE leftover beads that you don't know what to do with.  You know those beads; the six leftover from that bracelet or the three leftover from that necklace.  THOSE beads!
             Here is a solution that will use all those dreaded leftover beads.  A memory wire wrap bracelet.        It can be fun and even the kids can be involved.  The first thing that needs to be done is to separate the beads, sizes 4-8 mm mostly and larger ones for that pop.  Put all shades of red together, blue shades together, etc.  This is a great job for those little fingers and the kids will learn too, colors and counting.  It is a great rainy day project or girl scout project.   It doesn't matter about the different sizes and shapes because that is what gives the bracelet character.
              You will need about 100 beads to complete your bracelet.  These bracelets are fun, colorful and easy on and off.  They can be made with expensive beads or leftovers like our bracelet.  If you already bead, then the only thing you need to purchase is the memory wire.  There is enough wire in the package to make many bracelets.
              Lay out your work items; wire cutters, pliers, memory wire, beads and a charm if you like.  Cut off a length of memory wire that will encircle your wrist three times.  Using your pliers, make a small loop at one end so the beads won't come off.  Now for the fun part, the kids will love this. everyone can be an artist.  You can add the beads using one color or two, in a pattern or mixed up.  It requires patience.
              When you get to the end make sure the beads are snug and make another small loop and add the charm in the loop.  Now you have a pretty wrap bracelet that you can keep or give as a gift.  But it also clears up THOSE leftover beads!    
    My name is Kat  and I have a small jewelry shop  where I create beaded jewelry.  I love to create because it is so satisfying.
  248. Having missed last month - we were at Scarborough Faire - I WILL be at this one!  June 1 at Zio Carlo Magnolia Brewpub - 1001 W Magnolia Ave Fort Worth TX from 12-6 pm!
    https://www.facebook.com/events/612951298733332/  (this is last month's event, but the other details are the same)

    Hope to see you there :)

  249. I was so inspired by this today; I hope to some day do something similar - the only difference is I would be also preaching the Gospel while traveling!  :)



  250. This is the last one I am doing with the right-angle weave (at least for a while) - I will be experimenting with the square stitch next.
    Japan missions bracelet
  251. Indian agate jewelry set
  252. This will be the first of a new, and hopefully interesting to the readers, series of guest blogs I will feature on my site.  They will be from various experts in the handmade jewelry/ornaments world and will explore various aspects of design, handcrafting, components and more.

    The first article is from Xena Sadovsky of the Jewellery Maker website, and it is about an intriguing product called 'Copper Clay' - hope you enjoy it!

    Introducing Copper Clay
    Copper clay is an exciting wonderful way to style up beaded jewellery. Whether you are starting from scratch, a wonderful hanging lucky charm pendant design will improve any of your jewellery. Kick start your summer months with a new wire or chain beaded necklace! You can even uplift those homemade bead necklaces you were thinking of restyling. Bring in some copper clay modelling to design your own patent piece of jewellery that leaves your friends and family in amazement.
    Jewellery Designer & Teacher Natalia Colman features on our Jewellery Maker TV show in the UK, and is a specialist in Silver clay & metal clays. She has some great tips for stylish pieces of art for that individual look that you are after.
    “The copper clay is 100% metallic copper, just powdered down and mixed using a synthetic binder and water” says Natalia Colman on our Jewellery Maker show.   “What’s wonderful about it is there is something in creating something from scratch, it is true artistry”, it is well worth doing and we can’t recommend it more highly.
    copper clay


    Some tips for making your jewellery
    Basic handling rules
    ·        Get clay out of packet, clay is very dry, hold in square piece of cling film as to protect the copper clay.
    ·        Use liquid glycerine (from chemist, good on hands) and rub in to soften clay, not water; it ruins the clay.
    ·        Once clay is open, it is only good for 24 hours before it dries, so keep cool and dry, and use within day of opening.
    Learn various techniques of rolling, texturing and shaping the clay
    ·        Place clay on Teflon sheet. Rub glycerine balm to lubricate your sheet, and to keep the clay from sticking to surface.
    ·        Roll out copper with rolling pin, ensuring a nice smooth surface without cracks.
    ·        Create patterns in the clay, using a tool, to create a religious or tribal design for your charm, earring or pendant.
    ·        You can use some cutters to get your piece out of the clay, like you would when baking.
    ·        Add a tiny little hole around half a centimetre in, for your wire using a clay pick. You can widen when dry with a screwdriver once it is dry you wish this to be bigger to allow cord to string through instead.
    ·        Dry clay ready for firing, on a radiator, using an airing cupboard or a baking tin on low heat top oven for 10 minuites.
    ·        If you have any cracks in your clay one it is dry, mix a bit of clay with some water and paint it into the cracks like a ground and it finishes it beautifully, then repeat the drying steps to solidify copper clay before firing.
    Creating or uplifting your own bead necklaces
    ·        Lucky charms bracelets requiring some bright beads and shiny precious metals.
    ·        Celtic copper earrings with patterns created out of a ceramic mould and pressed into the clay, before firing.
    ·        Religious necklaces, The Crucifix for a Christian’s necklace, you could also include some prayer beads.
    ·        Dismantle an old custom necklace you want to freshen up and add your copper charms to the design.
    ·        Make a summer necklace using yellow Spessartite Garnet Nuggets and your copper artistry pendant
    Spessartite Garnet nuggets

    3 methods for firing the copper at home
    ·        Place artefact on a firing block, ensure you have your fire torch filled with gas, wearing goggles and hair tied back.
    ·        Circulate flame, the clay will go a dark brown/charcoal colour for about 10 minutes, then place in water using metal tong.
    ·        After cooling period, put into Picklean® (Safe Pickling Powder) to oxidise, rub with a stiff brush to bring out that salmon pink colour and shine. Then fire again to bring out brilliant oranges and pinks

    copper clay

    copper clay

    If you wish to find out more about the clay making process from our jewellery and Gemstones Experts then here are a few tips. 
    Go straight to our Jewellery Maker website and look for Copper Clay in the search menu. You can find products associated with copper clay including kits, including firing torch and all other tools you will ever need. We also have scheduled lessons and classes with Natalia Colman our specialist that you can come over to participate in. If it is too far for you to travel to visit, we are also live on air on the 10th of every month. You can even watch us on DVD’s and free full episodes of the show on our Jewellery Maker Youtube Channel.
    Thanks very much for taking a look.
    Xena Sadovsky            

  253. I will be showcasing my jewelry and ornaments   This Sat. from 4-10pm

    Amy's Handmade Gifts will be on the block of 1600 Park Place Avenue.

    Here are some pics of the event!
    ArtsGoggle 2013

    ArtsGoggle 2013ArtsGoggle 2013ArtsGoggle 2013ArtsGoggle 2013ArtsGoggle 2013ArtsGoggle 2013
  254. Heavy Gauge Wire Frame Pendant Necklace
    wire frame necklace
  255. Danish cluster earrings!
    Danish cluster earrings
  256. The Mother's Day Sale will be ending tonight by midnight - order your gifts today!

    Expedited shipping is available by request - call or email for prices.
  257. Spiral Earrings!spiral earrings
  258. Gospel Bracelet - highlights the 6 points of the Gospel message
    Christian bracelet
    Black - Our sin separates us from God, leads to death and hell
    Purple - God is a righteous judge and He must judge our sin
    Red - God loves us and sent His Son to die and shed His blood so we could be made right with God
    White - In order to receive this love and forgiveness we must repent and turn from our sins
    Blue - We must put our faith, all our life's hope and trust, in God and in what Jesus did for us on the cross
    Gold -  No matter what prayer we pray or action we take, it is God who grants salvation and eternal life 

  259. the new GO! design features the right-angle weave technique
    Scotland bracelet
  260. Just added - 5 new Christmas ornaments  $2.75 each
    Christmas ornamentChristmas ornamentChristmas ornamentChristmas ornamentChristmas ornament
  261. This is the new design for the GO! bracelets, featuring the right-angle weave technique.  This is an experiment in progress, since it requires an exact planning of each bead placement and several rows stitched together.
    right angle weave
  262. From May 1-11 ALL items on this site will be discounted!!!!!   TONS of great gifts for Moms!!!!

    If you want your order shipped faster than USPS 1st class, please include a note with your order.  An additional charge will be calculated and emailed to you after the order has been placed.

  263. wire wrapped frame with heavy gauge wire
    wire frame
  264. pink stones jewelry set
  265. Set includes 3-strand necklace, ring and earrings!
    bright beaded jewelry setbeaded ringbeaded earrings
  266. New technique!
    wire spirals
  267. Choice of 5 styles - only $1.00 each!
    rhinestone ringrhinestone ringrhinestone ring
  268. Danish clusters
  269. I am slowly turning my unofficial business official; I am now registered in the state of Texas and am required to charge sales tax.  Any orders within TX will have an additional 8% added on from now on......I hate having to raise prices, BUT I have been basically not charging tax OR labor for 4 years.  Next I will be registering with the city and filing my dba, but since those cost money I have to wait a bit.......and I also now have a business liabilty insurance policy!

    Texas sales tax permit
  270. Christmas ornaments
  271. but didn't turn out quite the way I had wanted.....santa decoration
  272. This lil guy is waiting for his 2 friends to join him!
    new project
  273. Here are some pictures taken during the First Saturday on Magnolia show on the patio of Zio Carlos in Fort Worth...
    I made a few sales - not bad for the first run of the event!
    First Saturday on MagnoliaOn the left is another lady's vintage display; mine is the table with the folding chair (I am not in the picture).

    First Saturday on Magnoliacustomer standing by my display

    Lulu's Unique Shopview of Lulu's Unique Shop, the featured vendor (the airstream trailer)

    Lulu's Unique ShopLulu's Unique Shop trailer

    First Saturday on Magnoliasign inside

  274. This is a pearl and crystal necklace I made for a customer for his baby granddaughter
    baby's pearl necklacebaby pearl necklace
  275. My next appearance in public will be at the First Saturday on Magnolia show on April 6, at Zio Carlo Brewpub in Ft Worth.....


    Your application to become a Crafted Art Productions Partner Vendor has been approved!
    You are officially a Partner Vendor and now eligible to receive exclusive benefits like discounted show fees, opportunities to book your space before the general public, and more.
    We enjoyed reading your application and looking at your items! We can't wait to see you at a show so we can get to know you better. Here's to many, many excellent shows together. 

    Happy creating! 
    The Crafted Art Team
    Crafted Art Productions
    1504 Clover Lane
    Fort Worth, Texas 76107

  277. This necklace is made of faceted jet glass rondelles and knotted silk thread, with a dangle - it was designed for my Lillystone Collection.
    knotted beaded necklace

  278. Here are the first pictures taken with my new (to me) Nikon Coolpix L26 camera......
    beaded bracelet
    This is one of my projects for the jewelry design school

    And this is a new silk thread knotting technique I just learned!
  279. Congratulations Maria Ann Green!  She gets to pick any item from this site as her prize.

    Remember if you leave a VALID comment on the blog OR place an order you are entered!
  280. beaded earrings
  281. This jewelry wardrobe consistes of 3 bracelets and a necklace extender - it will be listed tomorrow - Monday the 25th
    beaded bracelets and necklace set
  282. I am planning some good changes for this site in the coming months!  I am currently in the process of updating some of the photos - making them much clearer and sharper and in a better setting.  Hopefully this will give you a better 'feel' for the pieces.

    I am also looking in to starting a section featuring pieces that were FULLY manufactured in the United States - meaning EVERY bead, wire, finding etc. as well as the assembling of the piece.

    Also, I will be adding some new 'popular trends' jewelry featuring things like Hello Kitty, owls, bling etc.

    I am hoping these changes will have a positive impact!
  283. This one took less time to make, but turned out simply stunning!!!!!
    coins jewelry set
  284. This is the first set where I am actually factoring in the value of my time making these pieces - hence the higher price.  Up until now, I have only been asking for slightly more than the cost of materials.  From now on, I will be offering full-priced jewelry AND clearance items, so there is something for everyone.  I will NOT raise the price on previously discounted items- you will always be able to buy these at the original low prices.

    Here is the first offering in my higher range.....This took quite a bit of time to do
    glass beads jewelry set 
  285. There will be a benefit for the Art Department of the Fort Worth School District on Saturday, Feb. 16 and Sunday the 17th
    Invincible Geekend
    Zio Carlo Magnolia Brew Pub
    1001 W Magnolia Ave.
    Fort Worth, TX 76104
    There will be an arts show on the 16th at 2pm, and I will be selling my jewelry (and maybe some of my other crafts as well).  And my husband Chris will be there showcasing his chainmaille work. 

    I got my instructor evaluation back on my projects from the design school - turns out I have a lot of room for provement.  My wire wrapping in particular needs work - and I HAVE to invest in a point-and-shoot digital camera.  So my schooling may be on hold until I get more practice (and money)......

    Hope to see you at the show on Sat!
  286. Congratulations to Heather Winfrey!  She gets her pick of any item on the site!  

    Anyone posting a VALID, non-SPAM comment on the blog or an order is entered!
  287. I will be out of town from Feb.  4-9 on a mission trip to Denver.  This time I will be flying, so I will not be able to have my inventory with me  (I'm not sure I can even manage to bring my laptop).  If you place an order, it will be filled no later than Feb. 10.  Thank you for your understanding, and God bless!
  288. Here is my final project for this unit, a bracelet that was recycled from using components from another (the metal roses)

  289. And these are the matching earrings - Roses For Elizabeth...I had to get a bit creative with these, since I ran out of some materials!
    beaded earrings
  290. Alice's Cosmopolitan Necklace - this one took a LOT of planning and determination!
    beaded necklace
  291. I am on Unit 2 of my Sheffield School Course!  I just finished my 1st completed jewelry project, which is the Roses For Elizabeth bracelet!  I will let you know what they think of it when it's graded.......

  292. working on this design for a customer....Guatemala missions bracelet
  293. Congratulations 'samuelrog123'  - the winner of the December giveaway!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!  May 2013 be the best year ever! 
  294. Today is the last day to enter the monthly drawing to win an item of your choice from this site - just submit an APPROPRIATE (NON-SPAM) comment or place an order and you will be entered!  Name will be announced tomorrow.
  295. From now until January 1, EVERYTHING will be discounted to mke room for new inventory.  Take advantage of these extra low prices - on already low everyday prices!

    May you be richly blessed this holiday season!  

                        The Berthelet Family - Amy, Chris & Lilly
  297. I will be out of town visiting my in-laws for Christmas; I will be out of the office from Dec. 12-28.  I will have my inventory with me so orders will NOT be delayed!  I will also have access to my inbox and voicemail, and I will return calls/emails as necessary.
  298. vintage style jewelry set
  299. Congratulations Brenda Heimeyer!  Brenda gets to choose anything from this site as her prize!  Names for the December drawing start today.
  300. So I have not posted for quite some time......I had to drop my business in order to look for 'real' work due to financial setbacks.  I am now performing online tasks for Clickworker and Leapforce, and hopefully the money will start coming in soon......today being Saturday I have decided not to do any of the regular work, but instead to spend some much-needed time giving my websites the attention they deserve!  I also need to start adding some new pieces - one is currently in progress......

    The annual crafts bazaar at the Arlington Plaza retirement home did not go so well this year; they put us towards the entrance in a corner out of sight, so many people didn't even know the bazaar was happening!  Sadly not one of my things was sold......

    Tomorrow at church the people in the School of Church Planting will be running the whole service!  Our pastors are in Miami for the 1st ever DBC Pastors Conference.  I will be part of the Prayer Team, and my husband will also be on the stage for prayer following the worship.  It is going to be an exciting day!!!!

    Last Wed. I went to the American Airlines Center in Dallas to see Rush; I passed out gospel tracts beforehand outside the venue.  It was one of the most incredible light shows I have ever seen!  Later I found out that one of the guys at our church was on the setup crew!

    Well, that's the quick rundown for now - time to find something for lunch and pay more bills.....
  301. Another addition to Designs by Chris!
    Chainmaille Ring
  302. Here is the latest addition to the Designs By Chris collection
    Leather Ring
  303. NIKKI FABBRO - congratulations!  You can pick any item from my site!  :)

    The next drawing will be held on November 30 - anyone leaving comments on my blog or ordering anything is automatically entered!

    *Names are entered once for the current month only - does not rollover UNLESS the winner does not respond.
  304. It's Sunday, and that means no work for me!  Yesterday my husband and I attended the School of Church Planting at our church - Deliverance Bible Church in Hurst, TX - and found out that all the future church planters will be RUNNING the church one Sunday in December while all our pastors are in Miami at a conference!  This is a huge challenge for all of us, especially those who will be stepping up to preach and lead worship.  My husband willl be praying after the praise and worship, and we will both be part of the prayer team which prays for the service before it starts.  

    In the evening we attended a wedding shower for an engaged couple at our church; it was in a small community center of an apt. complex, and the kids were pretty energtic!  They were jumping and dancing and keeping us all entertained!  :)

    Today is the usual schedule - service at 2, then we pop over to the Kyrie service in Fort Worth that Calvary Lutheran hosts in a bar - Zio Carlos on Magnolia Street - and THEN finally the Joyful Noise Worship Centre that for NOW is held on the patio of the Taco Cabana on Little Road in Arlington.  I feel the Lord is calling me to look into a new location soon, most likely at a rehearsal place in Arlington.......

    That's about it for today!
  305. I have been neglecting blogging for the past week or so.....been super busy on Tophatter though, trying to get things sold!  I have had minimal success, and am still experimenting with what people over there want and how much they are willing to pay.  I have TONS of supplies now, everything from boxes to ring blanks!  Here are a few pics of some cheaper things I am putting over there...

    Hello Kitty EarringsTurquoise RingRhinestone RingWire Wrapped Ring
  306. This is the Targ Helm Necklace - the pendant is reminiscent of a Scottish shield
    chainmaille necklace
  307. This one is made of silver aluminum rings......
    aluminum chainmaille necklace
  308. Chris has made a bunch of new chainmaille items!  Here is one of his latest - Black and Red Cross Concho Necklace
    chainmaille necklace
  309. Real gemstones in this one!  Carnelian, crazy lace agate, peridot, and freshwater pearls, also Tibetan silver, on knotted silk thread.
    gemstone jewelry set
  310. Thought I'd share a few pics of different things.....
    Here is my 'baby' Lilly - she is 8 and ADORABLE!

    Then there is Stone....at 12 she went to be Jesus' kitty, we miss her so!

  311. Yesterday was filled as usual with church activities - 2pm service at Deliverance Bible Church, then over to Zio Carlo's Brew Pub at 5pm for Kyrie, where Joshua Irwin performed and there was also a double baptism!  At 8 my husband and I headed to Taco Cabana for the weekly Joyful Noise Worship Centre which we host on the porch (with closed windows this time!)  Even though nobody joined us this time, Holy Spirit still came while Misty Edwards' Relentless album was playing on my laptop.  

    Even though I am loving this cooler weather - Saturday's block party was enjoyed while sitting around a fire pit in the middle of the street, wrapped in coats and blankets - our house seems to want to stay at a constant chilly 66 degrees :(  It may have something to do with the fact of the big gaping hole in the ceiling that my hubby has yet to patch up......

    Today I will be picking out some items to place in our neighbors' boutique, and also designing a new piece to be put on Tophatter - this one is really sparkling!
  312. Anyone posting SPAM comments to this blog be advised, it will not help you, as I go through them each day and delete spam......any real comments will be entered into a monthly drawing to win an item of your choice on this site.

    As I have not gotten a response from last month's winner of the giveaway, the names from last month will be re-entered into the Oct. drawing.  Again, please only comment if you really are interested in the post, and please check your spam filters and add amy@amyshandmadejewelry.com to your approved list, so winners can get their notices!  Thanks!

    Today is the block party where I will be setting up a table for my jewelry and perhaps my other crafts as well - anyone in the Arlington Texas area, it is from 2-10pm on Shady Hill Lane.  There will be hotdogs and hamburgers, a bounce house and of course my jewelry :)  I believe a Scentsy seller will also be displaying her items.
  313. Here are a few pieces I put together exclusively for the Tophatter auctions.....glodtone crystals braceletVictorian cameo with crystals choker
  314. Congratulations to Paul Simong, the September drawing winner!  He wins his choice of 1 item from this site!

    The next drawing will begin tomorrow at 9am - same rules - leave a comment on the blog or be the winning bidder on Tophatter.com for one of my items on auction and you will be entered  for the next giveaway on Oct 31.
  315. Today is the last day to be included in the September drawing for a random item from this site!  I will draw a name tonight around 10PM and announce the winner on here and in an email......just leave a comment on this blog and you're entered!  The drawing for October will begin Monday morning at 9am.

    In other news, fall is trying to arrive again here in TX - after ANOTHER heat wave of 90's, it is in the 70's and rainy!  It feels so good to be able to wear something other than a tank top, shorts and sandals!  But on the not-so-good side, our recently repaired roof sprung a leak, which I discovered yesterday after emerging from my office to finally eat......so it is a construction zone again.  This time my husband has to wait until the rain ends so he can go out on the roof to find the leak.

    Today is the usual Sunday routine - DBC (church) at 2pm, then grab a burger and head over to Kyrie at Zio Carlo's in Ft. Worth, then the Joyful Noise Worship Centre in Arlington around 8.  Havin my coffee now - I found some coffee pods at Walmart for my Senseo machine!!!!  :) 
  316. Right now I am making 2 GO! France bracelets for the Pastor of our church and his wife, for when they go to Paris next year and do missions as a family.  For the first time I am engraving in cursive on the medallions, which looks a lot nicer!

    While I was attempting to follow Tophatter auctions and cut beading wire, I snipped the end of my left middle finger with the scissors.....looked worse than it was.

    And while RSVPing for the neighborhood block party on Oct. 6, the lady who runs it told me I am allowed to set up tables and sell my jewelry!!!!  For anyone in the area of Arlington, TX it is on the block of 5700 Shady Hill Lane, from 2-10pm.  I am so excited!!!!

    Now to work a little more on the bracelets before leaving for Bible study......
  317. This is something I came up with just for the crowd at Tophatter.com - a simple crystal and goldtone chain bracelet.  I am also experimenting with my scanner and different backgrounds to make the pics more appealing.  It seems that if I just lay a piece of light color cardstock over the jewelry instead of the flat top of the machine it looks slightly better......I am in the market for an affordable priced Canon Powershot.
  318. Starting today I will be sharing some personal stories, tidbits about my day and the 'inner workings' of my company.  I spent most of today just trying to log into my AmysNotions site, which has not been cooperative lately!  I also want to send my appreciation to Paul and Wanda for all their patience - I know I can be a pain to work with!  ;)  Happy birthday Wanda!!

    Everything else is rather slow here.....I tried to auction off an ensemble this morning at Tophatter.com, but nobody placed a bid :(  I  did make a new gold and crystal bracelet, but I need to find a better camera other than my flatbed scanner - I guess it looks clear enough to me but it actually isn't to anyone else????

    I will also let you in on the antics of my beloved cat Lilly - 1/2 of Lillystone (Stone passed away earlier this year), and share those pics too.  She's probably curled up in a laundry basket somewhere.....she prefers boxes and baskets and paper bags to the store-bought pet beds!Lilly cat
  319. Normally this would be in my other AmysNotions.com store, which is currently experiencing some technical difficulties - so it has been added to the Ornaments page instead on this site.....
    decorated candle
  320. I have just lowered the shipping rates for all locations!  Now shipping to the US is just $3!  To Canada is $5, and everywhere else is $7.
  321. I have an item in tomorrow's Jewelry Auction - it is on Standby, and will not be in the actual auction until someone bids the $5 minimum - it is the Shield of Style Ring!  The auction starts at 11am tomorrow (Sept. 14) and here is a link to enter....

    beaded stretch ring

  322. serpentine jewelry set
  323. I experimented today with placing an item on Tophatter.com for auction - it was the Abalone Watch.  It sold for a total of $21 BUT the buyer had a $10 credit - plus PayPal and Tophatter fees.  I am supposed to be getting the $10 back from Tophatter.....if I do I will consider placing items on auction from time to time.....I will announce it on my site beforehand - and every winner will also be placed in the monthly drawing!

  324. I finished all the assignments and will mail them off tomorrow at the post office (no WAY am I trusting this to the local carrier)!  Took the test, got an A-.  Now I just have a few pages at the end of the Study Guide to go through, which pertain to photographing jewelry and jewelry supply resources.  Unit 2 comes after my next 2 tuition payments, which would make it around Nov-Dec.....going to be hard waiting that long; we'll see how long I can hold out!
  325. Well, I have finished the first 2 projects for Unit 1!  Yesterday I assembled a collage made up of things that inspire me - mine is all Victiorian-style decor.  Lots of ruffles, lace, pastel colors, and images that evoke a feeling of richness and luxury.  Today for project 3 I have to take an old piece of jewelry and cut it apart and think about how I can use the components to create a new piece of jewelry.  When my assignments come back from the school I may share them on here.  I'm off to recycle some jewelry!
  326. I received the first lesson shipment yesterday from the Sheffield School of Interior Design!  I am going to be taking the Jewelry Design Course.  Included were a textbook, 2 smaller study guide books, 2 CDs and a DVD - plus slipcases to hold them all in!  I started immediately - there is a certain order you are supposed to do each lesson in, alternating between audio, video and text.  Now I am beginning my 1st assignment!  I have to find examples of jewelry I love and jewelry I don't care for, print the pictures and paste them on paper, and then answer some questions about each kind.  There are a few more assignments for this Unit, including making a collage and taking some old jewelry apart and examining it and coming up with ideas on how to redesign it......and while I am doing all this I also will be paying bills, working on this website, and who knows what else?  Oh yeah, church stuff!  My life is packed full of blessings and I love it!
  327. I recently enrolled in the Sheffield School of Design and am going to be working on a certificate in Jewelry Design: Beading and Wire Working!  Today my materials for the first lessons came, and I am so excited!  I will share what I am learning on this site and I expect the quality of my jewelry offerings to increase with my skill.  Stay tuned for more as I embark on this new chapter of my life!
  328. Starting at the end of September I will be giving away a random piece of beaded jewelry (ornaments in the winter months) to 1 winner every month -  just enter your information on the form to be placed in the drawing.  1 entry per person per month.  All information is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone.
  329. This is a Christian missions bracelet for the Democratic Republic of Congo....I ran out of my usual silver medallions and haven't gotten my new order in yet, so I substituted another style of bezel instead.  This particualr bracelet is longer than normal......
    Congo bracelet
  330. rose quartz ringwire ring
  331. beaded stretchy ring
  332. turqiose beaded ring
  333. Ukraine flag bracelet
  334. United States flag bracelet
  335. New Zealand bracelet
  336. Italy flag bracelet
  337. fall themed card
  338. tag
  339. photo mat
  340. mini magnet
  341. Best Memory Magnet & Hopes Magnet
    mini magnetmini magnet
  342. dreams tag with ribbon
  343. For anyone having difficulties with placing an order online - simply go to whatever item you wish to purchase and click the Add To Cart button.  You can look at the items in your cart by going to the Shopping Cart page on the left-hand menu.  When you are ready to check out, go to the Order/Checkout page on the menu - otherwise click on the Continue Shopping option.   You can pay using a credit/debit card online at the checkout page.  If you wish to send a check or money order by mail, you can print out the order page, fill it in and mail it with your payment - the mailing address is on the contact page and also at the bottom of the site.

    If you still have any questions PLEASE email me at amy@amyshandmadejewelry.com or call (817) 393-5007.
  344. Favorites Bookmark (Cards Etc.) bookmark
  345. If anyone has tried to place an order recently and found that the shopping cart did not work, I am sooooo sorry - my account with ProPay had expired and I didn't catch it! :(  It is now up and running again, so please feel free to shop to your hearts' content!  And in the future, if something doesn't work  on my site for any reason PLEASE email me at amy@amyshandmadejewelry.com - the same goes for my AmysNotions site - the email is amy@amysnotions.com.  You can also call me at (817) 393-5007 with regards to either site.

    Some of the new happenings at Amy's Handmade Gifts : at AmysNotions.com, you are able to choose from 47 different USPS shipping methods, with the cost for shipping automatically calculated!  In the future, I may add other methods like UPS or FedEx, if there is a demand.
    Also, I am able to ship orders from home now through the ProPay merchant account, so if you pay by credit card the shipping can be expedited!  More to come on this later as I do more research.

    I am still receiving quite a few spammy emails from people in other countries trying to prey on my sympathies with their fake stories.  These are going directly to the junk folder, so please just don't bother sending them.

    Thank you for reading this; I hope to please many different tastes in the future with my new offerings of jewelry and other projects! - Amy B.
  346. GO! preach the Gospel in Canada and South Africa!
    canada flag braceletsouth africa flag bracelet

  347. Ruby Hoops and Sapphire Hoopsred hoops earringsblue curved earrings
  348. made this one for a boy at churchIreland flag bracelet
  349. 4 new pairs of earrings just added!blue and brown earringsblue pearl and crystal earringsblue, red, and silver butterfly earringsamber and silver chain earrings
    Blue Drops, Pearl Drops, Silver Butterfly and Amber Drops
  350. Poland poland flag bracelet just 1 for my husband for now.... 
  351. Not selling these; they're going on our tree!
    embossed metal christmas ornaments
  352. The Pin Jewel Bracelets will be marked down 50% until next month (August)!!!

    pin jewel bracelet on sale
  353. Ocean Treasures Jewelry Setpastel jewelry set
  354. The brand-new online store is now ready for business at www.AmysNotions.com!!!
    Featuring multiple payment options, photo galleries, new streamlined process!!!! 

    Also just added - 5 new papercraft products :
    bookmarkphoto taggift tagphoto albumgift tag

  355. The terms for shipping internationally have been updated - please see the updated rules on the Shipping Page.
  356. Laugh Circle Embellishment, Bloom Card, You Are My Sunshine Card, Hello Card
    paper and ribbon embellishmentflower and ribbon cardflower cardflower card
  357. Fathers Day Sale ends tomorrow at midnight - make sure you don't miss these great deals on gifts for Dad!
  358. Linked In Blue Jewelry Set  blue agate and crystals set
  359. Designs by Chris items ON SALE now until Fathers Day!
  360. The Seed is Hope Card & Envelope and Garden Journal - and the Flower Pen and Dragonfly Plant Pokes!
    card and envelope set  garden journalsilk flower pendragonfly plant stakes
  361. now available at www.AmysNotions.com - Painted Pansies Linen Bag
    painted beaded linen bag
  362. From now until Mothers Day, selected items will be on sale!  See the MOTHERS DAY SALE page.
  363. Berries & Cream Gems Jewelry Setquartz gemstones set
  364. Earring Extravaganza!  4 new additions today.....
    faceted ice earringsamethyst swings earringsbeaucoup de facettes earringsplatinum and red earrings
  365. FREE with every order on my sites - the braceelet with jewelry purchases and the bookmark for purchases at AmysNotions.com
    free beaded braceletfree bookmark
  366. I have been noticing a LOT of comments that seem to be coming from forums that have absolutely nothing to do with this site - FYI every day I go through all new comments and DELETE the ones that are SPAM - I have no idea where these are coming from (some seeem to be legit. threads from other forums about various topics) - but they will not be showing up here.  PLEASE make sure your comments are pertinent to the blog post!  Thank you - Amy
  367. As of today I am reviewing and deleting all SPAM comments - all guest posts have to be approved first before they appear on my blog, so PLEASE make sure they are valid and appropriate to my site before posting!  Thanks!
  368. jasper beaded jewelry set
  369. India beaded braceletsays INDIA on the front of the medallion, back says GO! MK16:15
  370. Set A Snowy Table Dinnerware Set (set of 6)Felt Dinnerware Set
  371. I have been receiving numerous calls from companies promising they can improve my rankings - I am currently paying off a license at Stores Online, which means I will not have any disposable income until after 2013.  And if I decide to go with a company for SEO help, it will be Stores Online.  Until then, please do not contact me about optimizing my site - I have plenty of free tools currently at my disposal; I simply have not had time to work on it much lately, due to other pressing matters.
  372. For webmasters - Please do not request 3-way exchanges or exchanges with non-relevant sites.  I accept sites having to do with jewelry, fashion, directories, etc.  Right now I have a large number of link partners, so I am mainly looking for one-way links.
  373. aquamarine beaded bracelet
  374. If you are intending to commit fraud by 'ordering' from this site using a bad cc, trying to gain illegal access to my bank accounts etc., be aware - YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO THE FBI.  I do not take this lightly.
  375.  With ANY size order you will receive FREE an amethyst glass beads bracelet - value $5 !!!

  376. Foil Medallionsacrylic ornamentsSweet Suede Stockingsstockings ornaments
  377. Ribbons & Pearls Jewelry Set  ribbons and faux pearls set
  378. The entire Lillystone Collection has been discounted through Valentines Day!  Take advantage of these low prices on high quality designer pieces; sale ends on 2-15-12.
  379. dangling pearl earrings
  380. Christian missions bracelet for Berlin Germany
  381. cameo pendant necklace
  382. I will not be in the office from Jan. 16 through Jan. 23 due to an out of town trip - if you place an order during that time it will not ship until Jan 24.  Thank you - Amy
  383. Brand-new large-scale designs by Christopher Bertheletwood beads braceletwood beads braceletmetal butterflies jewelry
  384. Lacy Hearts Earringsbrass filigree earringsChained Wheels Earringsgenuine brass earrings
  385. Office Elegance Setsophisticated ensemble
  386. Golden Watch Jewelry Setwatch and earrings
  387. Peach Lilly Earringsdangling designer earringsLittle Wings Charm Braceletbrass filigree charm bracelet
  388. The premier design in the new line of designer jewelry is the Delicate Rose Necklace!designer necklace
  389. Just finished  Vintage Art Ornaments
  390. EVERYTHING will be on sale until January 2, 2012 to make room for new products.  I have started purchasing supplies for the upcoming Lillystone line of jewelry; it is gonna be fabulously gorgeous!  :)  
    Wishing you all a happy New Year - be safe!
  391. I will be putting ALL merchandise on sale tonight; it will run through Monday.  Hope you are enjoying your Christmas!
    Merry Christmas
  392. for Belgium and Wales  Belgium bracelet
    Wales Bracelet
  393. I will be going out of town December 7-11; anything ordered during this time will be shipped out December 12.
  394. I have just added a set of birdcage ornaments to the site which I think you will love! 

    For the next few days, I will be going through some training for call center work, so I probably will not be able to add more Christmas inventory until next week.  Please be assured, I do check this site every day and orders will NOT be delayed!    

  395. I will be extending the sale until 5 PM!!  I have also slashed shipping prices!!!!
  396. Last night as I was about to put everything on sale, my little netbook froze up, and then Windows refused to load.  I got an early Christmas present from my mother-in-law - a brand-new HP notebook!!!  So please accept my sincere apologies about the sale not starting at midnight - I will now be extending it until Monday morning - thank you for your understanding - God bless! 
  397. Bead Bracelet and Watercolor Card
    beaded braceletwatercolor card
  398. Don't forget tonight everything is on sale starting at midnight - for 24 hours ONLY !!
  399. made for a customer
    Chile bracelet
  400. Starting at midnight on Thursday, EVERYTHING on this site will be on sale!  This will only be until midnight Friday, so make sure to take advantage of this 24 hour sale! 
  401. I am in the process of making a bunch of Christmas ornaments - the latest addition is on sale for $5 !  This is in preparation for Black Friday, when ALL products will be on sale for 24 hours only! 
  402. will have a table in the back area this Sunday, Nov 20, at Mambo's Tapas Cantina in downtown Fort Worth during the Kyrie service - items from both my sites will be available for purchase
  403. Bogota BraceletHere are some photos of items that were custom ordered
    Kenya BraceletNuevo Laredo BraceletRomania BraceletArgentina BraceletMayan Boys BraceletMayan Girls Bracelet
  404. The sale on spring and summer jewelry items will only continue through the October 31, so get your deals now!

    Regarding the new GO! line, I expect to get some supplies for making engraved tags sometime next month, and I will begin making the bracelets - I think I will do Germany (Berlin and Munich) next, after completing South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg).

    I am currently working on party favors and invitations at my other site, AmysNotions.com. 

  405. I am working on 2 brand-new concepts for jewelry lines...Lillystone will be higher-quality pieces with an intricate look, and GO! will be pieces featuring the flag colors of various nations!  Stay tuned for further updates.....

  406. All spring and summer-themed items are on sale!   

  407. My next beading project is a Love Bead Point wall hanging that is a Scripture (1 Cor. 13:4) - not sure if it's going to be sold or kept!

  408. I apologize for the glitch with the shopping cart - the processor that I am using had an error that is now fixed since I brought it to their attention!  This was only for ppl trying to use Discover card....should now function perfectly!

    Check out the latest item available - "Copper Connections" in Jewelry Sets.

    And in my other site Amy's Handmade Gifts (Amysnotions.com) I will soon be adding a brand-new project - handmade bath items!  They will be rose-scented.  I will announce it as soon as I am finished and have them listed.

  409. check out  the 2 latest additions in the Jewelry Sets category - Shimmery Turquoise and Hot Pink Necklace & Earrings sets!

  410. Please leave any comments/suggestions here - thank you for your help!

  411. I have just enabled FREE SHIPPING on orders totaling over $75.00!  Look for coupons, giveaways, and daily deals in the future too!

  412. 4th of July only - get Red White & Blue Pin Jewel Bracelets for $5!

  413. My latest card collection "Polar Party" has been added to my other gift site, Amy's Handmade Gifts.  Next on the list - crochet!  This will be a major challenge since I haven't done this since I was a little girl, learning from my grandmother.

  414. Last day of the summer sale - prices go back up on Monday.

  415. I may just be getting the hang of this now!  My site is evolving day by day - now it is easier to view the products in a category, plus I am giving my home page some new looks as well.....the summer sale will run through Sunday, so take advantage! 

  416. Sat. June 18 2011

    Welcome to my jewelry blog!

    As I daily work on getting customers to my site, I am finding I need some method of commmunication and feedback.  There has to be some way of finding out why people are not purchasing - lack of funds, poor offerings, errors in my website?  So I am implementing a few methods of collecting feedback to improve the business.  If you are reading this and have decided to not make a purchase today, can you please spend a few minutes and leave a comment here as to the reasons?  It will just take a minute of your time and I would REALLY appreciate it!  

    Sun. June 19, 2011

    Finished 1 beaded bookmark (out of 4) - didn't turn out quite as I expected, but still looks good.  Still deciding if I want to part with these or not.....

    Tues. June 21, 2011

    Working on bookmark #3...they are really turning our gorgeous!  Still working on my links, hoping to get that elusive PR!  A sale wouldn't hurt either....

    Wed. June 22, 2011

    Working on optimizing my site's pages and images so I can get PageRank - also now submitting for links.  Hopefully later tonight there will be time for me to finish working on bookmark #3.  The Summer Sale will continue for at least a couple more days.

    Fri. June 24, 2011

    The beaded bookmarks are finally finished and listed!  I kept 1 out of the 4 for myself - it was just too pretty!  :)  Made some changes to my home page also.


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