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NOTE -  All BESTSELLERS will NOT be from kits. The IMAGE was from the original from a kit - any of these that are ordered will be unique but close to what is pictured.
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3 Piece Ensemble Jewelry Set3 Piece Ensemble Jewelry Set
3 Strand Wrapped Bracelet3 Strand Wrapped Bracelet
3-3-2 Chain Necklace3-3-2 Chain Necklace
Abalone WatchAbalone Watch
Alluring Agate Necklace SetAlluring Agate Necklace Set
Amber Drops EarringsAmber Drops Earrings
Amber Splendor Jewelry SetAmber Splendor Jewelry Set
Amethyst Glass Beads Choker and Earrings SetAmethyst Glass Beads Choker and Earrings Set
Amethyst Jewelry SetAmethyst Jewelry Set
Amethyst Swings EarringsAmethyst Swings Earrings
Aqua Shades BraceletAqua Shades Bracelet
Asymmetrical Glass Bead NecklaceAsymmetrical Glass Bead Necklace
Autumn Amber NecklaceAutumn Amber Necklace
Aventurine Jewelry SetAventurine Jewelry Set
Bead Frame EarringsBead Frame Earrings
Beaded Bauble BraceletBeaded Bauble Bracelet
Beaded Beads Hair TieBeaded Beads Hair Tie
Beaded Satin Beauties OrnamentsBeaded Satin Beauties Ornaments
Beaded Toggle BraceletBeaded Toggle Bracelet
Beaucoup de Facettes EarringsBeaucoup de Facettes Earrings
Beautiful Bronzite Jewelry SetBeautiful Bronzite Jewelry Set
Believe Charm NecklaceBelieve Charm Necklace
Bellbottom Blues BraceletBellbottom Blues Bracelet
Berries & Cream Gems Jewelry SetBerries & Cream Gems Jewelry Set
Best Wishes CardBest Wishes Card
Big Bold Twist BraceletBig Bold Twist Bracelet
Bird EarringsBird Earrings
Black & White Baubles Jewelry SetBlack & White Baubles Jewelry Set
Black & White Shepherd's Hook BookmarkBlack & White Shepherd's Hook Bookmark
Black and White Crystal Beads Jewelry SetBlack and White Crystal Beads Jewelry Set
Black Gold BraceletBlack Gold Bracelet
Black Gold Elegance BraceletBlack Gold Elegance Bracelet
Black Rondelles RingBlack Rondelles Ring
Blue Brocade BraceletBlue Brocade Bracelet
Blue Drops EarringsBlue Drops Earrings
Blue Flower Necklace & Earrings Jewelry SetBlue Flower Necklace & Earrings Jewelry Set
Blue Lace BraceletBlue Lace Bracelet
Blue Ndebele BraceletBlue Ndebele Bracelet
Blue OrnamentBlue Ornament
Blue Sky BraceletBlue Sky Bracelet
Blue Soul BraceletBlue Soul Bracelet
Boho Leaves NecklaceBoho Leaves Necklace
Bold Patterns NecklaceBold Patterns Necklace
Box-Link Chain BraceletBox-Link Chain Bracelet
Boxchain BraceletBoxchain Bracelet
Brightly Flocked OrnamentsBrightly Flocked Ornaments
Brown Angles BraceletBrown Angles Bracelet
Burnished Copper OrnamentsBurnished Copper Ornaments
Byzantine Weave BraceletByzantine Weave Bracelet
Canyon Sunset Necklace and Earrings SetCanyon Sunset Necklace and Earrings Set
Captivating Coils Jewelry SetCaptivating Coils Jewelry Set
Chain & Bead NecklaceChain & Bead Necklace
Chain EarringsChain Earrings
Chain Maille Agate Jewelry SetChain Maille Agate Jewelry Set
Chain Tunnel BraceletChain Tunnel Bracelet
Chained Wheels EarringsChained Wheels Earrings
Champagne Pearl Delight Jewelry SetChampagne Pearl Delight Jewelry Set
Chandelier EarringsChandelier Earrings
Charm Bracelet Pair Jewelry SetCharm Bracelet Pair Jewelry Set
Chins Up! NecklaceChins Up! Necklace
Circle Band RingCircle Band Ring
Circle Of Love BraceletCircle Of Love Bracelet
Cling To Jesus Cross Charm NecklaceCling To Jesus Cross Charm Necklace
Cling To Jesus Leather CoasterCling To Jesus Leather Coaster
Coin Pearl Jewelry SetCoin Pearl Jewelry Set
Color Bouquet BraceletColor Bouquet Bracelet
Colorful Beads Pendant NecklaceColorful Beads Pendant Necklace
Copper and Blue NecklaceCopper and Blue Necklace
Copper Connections Jewelry SetCopper Connections Jewelry Set
Crossover Cuff BraceletCrossover Cuff Bracelet
Crystal and Pearl Cross NecklaceCrystal and Pearl Cross Necklace
Crystal Bangle & Earrings SetCrystal Bangle & Earrings Set
Crystal Beaded Danglers OrnamentsCrystal Beaded Danglers Ornaments
Curves Beaded EarringsCurves Beaded Earrings
Dangle Drops EarringsDangle Drops Earrings
Delicate Rose NecklaceDelicate Rose Necklace
Denim Crystal Jewelry SetDenim Crystal Jewelry Set
Dew Drops BraceletDew Drops Bracelet
Diamond Maillle BraceletDiamond Maillle Bracelet
Dress Up CardDress Up Card
Drops of Splendor Earrings OOAKDrops of Splendor Earrings OOAK
Earrings SetEarrings Set
Earthy Stones NecklaceEarthy Stones Necklace
Effie's District 13 NecklaceEffie's District 13 Necklace
Enchanting Aventurine Jewelry SetEnchanting Aventurine Jewelry Set
Euro-Style Beaded Necklace RedEuro-Style Beaded Necklace Red
Faceted Ice EarringsFaceted Ice Earrings
Fancy Pink Necklace and Earrings SetFancy Pink Necklace and Earrings Set
Festival BraceletFestival Bracelet
Fire & Ice Jewelry SetFire & Ice Jewelry Set
Flourish CardFlourish Card
Freshwater Pearls BraceletFreshwater Pearls Bracelet
Gems & Glitter OrnamentsGems & Glitter Ornaments
Geometric Shells Jewelry SetGeometric Shells Jewelry Set
GO! Belgium Silver Charm BraceletGO! Belgium Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! Brazil Beaded BraceletGO! Brazil Beaded Bracelet
GO! Canada Silver Charm BraceletGO! Canada Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! Democratic Republic of Congo Silver Charm BraceletGO! Democratic Republic of Congo Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! Germany Silver Charm BraceletGO! Germany Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! Guatemala Silver Charm BraceletGO! Guatemala Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! India Silver Charm BraceletGO! India Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! Ireland Silver Charm BraceletGO! Ireland Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! Italy Silver Charm BraceletGO! Italy Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! Kenya Silver Charm BraceletGO! Kenya Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! Mexico Red Ribbon BraceletGO! Mexico Red Ribbon Bracelet
GO! New Zealand Silver Charm BraceletGO! New Zealand Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! Romania Silver Charm BraceletGO! Romania Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! South Africa Red Ribbon BraceletGO! South Africa Red Ribbon Bracelet
GO! South Africa Silver Charm BraceletGO! South Africa Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! Ukraine Silver Charm BraceletGO! Ukraine Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! United States Silver Charm BraceletGO! United States Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! United States Silver Charm BraceletGO! United States Silver Charm Bracelet
GO! Wales Silver Charm BraceletGO! Wales Silver Charm Bracelet
Golden Rings EarringsGolden Rings Earrings
Golden Rose Jewelry SetGolden Rose Jewelry Set
Golden Watch Jewelry SetGolden Watch Jewelry Set
Graceful Butterflies Jewelry SetGraceful Butterflies Jewelry Set
Green & Gold Ensemble Jewelry SetGreen & Gold Ensemble Jewelry Set
Green Serpentine BraceletGreen Serpentine Bracelet
Gypsy Spring NecklaceGypsy Spring Necklace
Happiness Is Having a Friend Like You CardHappiness Is Having a Friend Like You Card
Happy Thanksgiving CardHappy Thanksgiving Card
Have Faith Cross Charm NecklaceHave Faith Cross Charm Necklace
Heart Pink Charm BraceletHeart Pink Charm Bracelet
Heavy Metal Rose RingHeavy Metal Rose Ring
Hello CardHello Card
Holy Spirit Flame TapestryHoly Spirit Flame Tapestry
Hoop EarringsHoop Earrings
Hot Pink Necklace & EarringsHot Pink Necklace & Earrings
Ice Crystals Silvertone Pendant NecklaceIce Crystals Silvertone Pendant Necklace
Indian Agate Coil OrnamentIndian Agate Coil Ornament
Inspirational Charm Bracelet SetInspirational Charm Bracelet Set
Inverted Roundmail Chain BraceletInverted Roundmail Chain Bracelet
Jesus Cross Charm NecklaceJesus Cross Charm Necklace
Jesus Leather CoasterJesus Leather Coaster
Jewelry Wardrobe SetJewelry Wardrobe Set
Jingle Bell Buddies OrnamentsJingle Bell Buddies Ornaments
Lacy Hearts EarringsLacy Hearts Earrings
Lacy Net BraceletLacy Net Bracelet
Ladder BraceletLadder Bracelet
Large Butterflies Jewelry SetLarge Butterflies Jewelry Set
Layered in Copper Jewelry SetLayered in Copper Jewelry Set
Leopard EarringsLeopard Earrings
Linked In Blue Jewelry SetLinked In Blue Jewelry Set
Little Wings Charm BraceletLittle Wings Charm Bracelet
Lock & Key EarringsLock & Key Earrings
Lovely Lapis Stones Jewelry SetLovely Lapis Stones Jewelry Set
Magnetic Hematite WrapMagnetic Hematite Wrap
Mixed Mauve NecklaceMixed Mauve Necklace
Multi-Strand Turquoise Necklace and Earrings SetMulti-Strand Turquoise Necklace and Earrings Set
Night and Day BraceletNight and Day Bracelet
Nothing But the Blood Cross Charm NecklaceNothing But the Blood Cross Charm Necklace
Ocean Dreams BraceletOcean Dreams Bracelet
Ocean Treasures Jewelry SetOcean Treasures Jewelry Set
Oceanic NecklaceOceanic Necklace
Office Elegance NecklaceOffice Elegance Necklace
Ombre Pearls NecklaceOmbre Pearls Necklace
Ornate Black Pendant NecklaceOrnate Black Pendant Necklace
Out of the Woods Jewelry SetOut of the Woods Jewelry Set
Oval Shaped Beads EarringsOval Shaped Beads Earrings
Party Glass CharmsParty Glass Charms
Party In The Capitol NecklaceParty In The Capitol Necklace
Passion For Purple NecklacePassion For Purple Necklace
Peach Lilly EarringsPeach Lilly Earrings
Pearl Drops EarringsPearl Drops Earrings
Peridot & Amber Strands Jewelry SetPeridot & Amber Strands Jewelry Set
Petally Pink Perfection NecklacePetally Pink Perfection Necklace
Pin Jewel BraceletPin Jewel Bracelet
Pink Buds Mini TapestryPink Buds Mini Tapestry
Pink n Pearls EarringsPink n Pearls Earrings
Pink Pendant Necklace & Bracelet SetPink Pendant Necklace & Bracelet Set
Pink Petal EarringsPink Petal Earrings
Platinum and Red EarringsPlatinum and Red Earrings
Plum Wine Jewelry SetPlum Wine Jewelry Set
Pretty In Pink Pendant NecklacePretty In Pink Pendant Necklace
Pure White RingPure White Ring
Queen of the Nile Jewelry SetQueen of the Nile Jewelry Set
Rain Forest Jasper Jewelry SetRain Forest Jasper Jewelry Set
Reckless Bling NecklaceReckless Bling Necklace
Red & Gold Organza With Looped Bead Clusters BookmarkRed & Gold Organza With Looped Bead Clusters Bookmark
Red & Gold Organza With Ringed Pearl BookmarkRed & Gold Organza With Ringed Pearl Bookmark
Regal Twist BraceletRegal Twist Bracelet
Rhapsody In Violet Pendant NecklaceRhapsody In Violet Pendant Necklace
Ribbons & Pearls Jewelry SetRibbons & Pearls Jewelry Set
Right Angle Weave Gold and White NecklaceRight Angle Weave Gold and White Necklace
Right Next Door CardRight Next Door Card
Rose Garden BraceletRose Garden Bracelet
Royal Coins Jewelry SetRoyal Coins Jewelry Set
Ruby Hoops EarringsRuby Hoops Earrings
Santorini BraceletSantorini Bracelet
Sapphire Hoops EarringsSapphire Hoops Earrings
Sea Squares BraceletSea Squares Bracelet
Seascape BraceletSeascape Bracelet
Seaside Ensemble Jewelry SetSeaside Ensemble Jewelry Set
Semiprecious Jewelry SetSemiprecious Jewelry Set
Serpentine Elegance Jewelry SetSerpentine Elegance Jewelry Set
Shield of Style RingShield of Style Ring
Shimmering Tide Jewelry SetShimmering Tide Jewelry Set
Shimmery Turquoise Necklace & EarringsShimmery Turquoise Necklace & Earrings
Silver and Crystal Photo BraceletSilver and Crystal Photo Bracelet


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