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Ornaments - Holiday and Home Decor

 Listed on this page are collections of artisan Christmas ornaments - beaded, painted, and plastic canvas cross-stitch ornaments.  They come in sets of 3 or 4.  Also included are sets of other kinds of beaded items, such as party glass charms.

Christmas Ornaments

Click on small pictures for more details and to enlarge.

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Beaded Beauties Ornaments (from kit)Beaded Beauties Ornaments (from kit)
Christmas Sweeties Ornaments (from kit)Christmas Sweeties Ornaments (from kit)
Easy Stroke Ornaments (from kit)Easy Stroke Ornaments (from kit)
Foil Medallions Ornaments (from kit)Foil Medallions Ornaments (from kit)
Frosty Snowmen Ornaments (from kit)Frosty Snowmen Ornaments (from kit)
Holiday Inspiration Christmas Decorations Set (from kit)Holiday Inspiration Christmas Decorations Set (from kit)
Mr. & Mrs. Frosty Ornaments (from kit)Mr. & Mrs. Frosty Ornaments (from kit)
North Pole Friends Christmas Ornaments Set (from kit)North Pole Friends Christmas Ornaments Set (from kit)
Pink Ornament (from kit)Pink Ornament (from kit)
Purple Ornament (from kit)Purple Ornament (from kit)
Silver & Blue Ornament (from kit)Silver & Blue Ornament (from kit)
Silver & Pink Ornament (from kit)Silver & Pink Ornament (from kit)
Sweet Suede Stockings Ornaments (from kit)Sweet Suede Stockings Ornaments (from kit)
Vintage Art Ornaments (from kit)Vintage Art Ornaments (from kit)

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